Chupacabra Killed in Texas. Is this proof of the Mystical Creature Or Is It Just A Coyote With Mange

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND NEWS CLIPS:  A Texas FAMILY has claimed they have killed the Chupacabra.  Some claim it’s just mange, but that is the worst case of mange I have ever seen. Here are the  news articles and videos for you to decide if this is a coyote with mange or truly the mystical creature called The Goat Sucker in English.



DAILY MAIL ONLINE: A Texas family think they shot some very big game over the weekend, killing what they believe is an infamous and ferocious chupacabra.

Doug Ohrt, 79, told ABC he was spending a quiet night in with his family in Victoria County, southern Texas, on Sunday when they heard a horrific wail outside.

Ohrt’s grandson then hurried outside and shot the beast ‘from 240 yards.’ When the family got a proper look at the dead animal they were certain they had bagged a legendary chupacabra READ MORE:  


ABC NEWS: A south Texas family claim they shot and killed an infamous chupacabra after coming face-to-face with the strange coyote-like animal on their property.

Doug Ohrt and his family were at home in Victoria County ranch Sunday night when they heard a chilling howl.

“My grandson ran outside and shot him from about 240 yards,” Ohrt, 79, told ABC News. “It’s mangy looking and it’s got long hair on the back and hair on its legs.”

“My grandkids said ‘Oh that’s a chupacabra’,” Doug Ohrt’s wife, Lucy, 77, told ABC News affiliate KAVU, referring to the infamous mythical beast that has long been part of folklore and legend in the South READ MORE:











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