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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND NEWS LINKS: Watch the interview with Ann Barnhardt where she believes that President Obama will intentionally collapse the economy. The Feds are planning on ramping up QE that will have a global ripple effect. The more we pump into the Global system the more we will see a deep and broadening deterioration of the Global Economy. If this happens and things get out of control in our country, can our constitution still stand or will it hang by a thread. THANK YOU FOR VISITING THESE CHRISTIAN TIMES AND GOD BLESS YOU.


KING WORLD NEWS: On the heels of unprecedented actions being taken across the globe, today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News a fascinating piece which discusses the earthquakes taking place in the global financial system, how the Fed is actually ramping up QE, and how this will have a global ripple effect.  Robert Fitzwilson, founder of The Portola Group, put together the following tremendous piece below exclusively for King World News.

A proposal has been put forth to split California into six separate states as it is claimed that the state is considered too big and too diverse to govern properly.  With enough signatures, it will be placed on the next ballot.

If one thinks in terms of millennia, it will be a moot point.  Due to the movement along the San Andreas earthquake fault line, San Francisco is inexorably heading toward Los Angeles at the rate of two inches per year, and the two cities are projected to be one anyway in several million years READ MORE: http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2014/2/23_Earthquakes_In_The_Financial_System_%26_The_Global_Impact.html


ZEROHEDGE:If you’re still wondering if the US Constitution of 1787 failed to protect liberty, then just look around you. That scrap of parchment is an obvious failure. The US government is the hugest government in the world and meddles in the lives of its citizens (and people worldwide) in every way imaginable. The government accepts no limits on its power whatsoever. The president rules by decree.

This isn’t done under some new constitution. This is all done under the 1787 one. Lots of liberty activists argue that the Supreme Court is just reading the document incorrectly, but one simply cannot deny that virtually everyone in government, as well as most of the general population, is perfectly fine with most of what government does today, and thinks it’s constitutional. If one can plausibly claim that the constitution authorizes most of what the US government does today, then the document’s language is obviously feeble, ineffective, and useless for the purposes of preserving liberty.

Even among those “constitutionalist” types, many of whom are militarists, you’ll find plenty of support for unconstitutional measures such as a standing army, drug prohibition, and other government programs beloved by conservatives, but which are obviously not authorized by the enumerated powers of the constitution.

Rothbard had this figured out a long time ago READ MORE: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-23/constitution-failed


  1. Valerie says:

    Wow, that was a great interview with Ann. Sadly, so many people are still too ignorant to see what has been taking place over the last 6-7 years because it has been so incremental. Two important takeaways from that interview: 1) “The Govt will first seize 401k’s, then it will take from peoples’ bank accounts”. Welcome to Obama’s new MyRA plan. 2) At the conclusion of that interview Ann suggested that the world could move towards a universal currency, a “one world currency”. Christians should beware of this as Revelations clearly states that “no one will be able to barter, sell or trade unless they have the mark.” One has to wonder how long it will take to get to that point and if it will happen in my lifetime, but it sure does seem like we are moving in that direction.

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