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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO AND NEWS LINKS: Iran keeps up the rhetoric on Israel as it creates another video simulation annihilating her in a Jewish Nuclear Holocaust. If watching this video does not prove to you what kind of plans they have in store for Israel than I don’t know what will. There nuclear ambition is not for peaceful purposes. They have hatred for the apple of Gods eye that traces back to every nation that has hated her . They will stop at nothing to destroy her, but God will shame them in a future event called The Day of the Lord. They will be defeated and humiliated and all their dreams of destroying Israel, will be in what they have made up in a video simulation.  All fake and no merit to the fail accomplishment that will make them look foolish.


THE BLAZE: A new video reportedly making the rounds in Iran shows the nuclear bombing of Israel, describing the act as a “Holocaust.” It also simulates graphically the potential Iranian response to a military attack on its territory.

The latest video follows a simulation aired by Iranian state television earlier this month depicting an Iranian attack on the American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and Israeli cities.

Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that this latest animated video began showing up on Iranian websites on Monday READ MORE:  

HAAERTZ.COM: A short animated film being aired across Iran depicts the nuclear destruction of Israel. The film opens with the word ‘Holocaust’ appearing on the screen, with a Star of David underneath it, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Tuesday.

The airing of the animation comes as talks between Tehran and world powers over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program are resume in Austria.

The film, which started to appear Monday on Iranian websites depicts how the Islamic Republic might respond to an American or Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities.

In the movie, Western nations realize that the Islamic Republic has no intention to cease its nuclear development. To prevent Iran from building a bomb, the United States and its allies decide to take military action to destroy Tehran’s nuclear sites READ MORE:

ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: A new animated film posted on Iranian websites in recent days graphically portrays an Iranian counterattack against a theoretical joint Israeli-American strike on the Islamic Republic’s military facilities, culminating in the destruction of the Jewish state.

The clip was posted together with messages decrying attempts to tighten sanctions on Iran due to its nuclear program, according to Israel Hayom, and begins with an airstrike by Israeli and American forces on Iran READ MORE:


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