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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOS AND LINKS: I read a lot of debates on the word press blogosphere concerning some hot topics in the Bible. Two debates I see a lot is the Identity of the Antichrist and the Rapture. I will eventually put an article up about the Identity of the Antichrist, but for now I am writing about the reason why I believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I am putting up links and videos that may shed light on the issue of the Rapture. If you agree with me or not it does not mean that your salvation is dependent on it. Jesus is the way. He is the rock in our lives. Whatever Tribulations may come in our lives, than  we can rest assure that our belief in God  will always comfort us in those trying times.  Dig into prophecy and let the Spirit of truth show you the road of facts. I hope this is great reading for answers you may be looking for about the Rapture.


A MOM LOOKING UP WORDPRESS: There is an ongoing debate about when the rapture of the church will take place. As most of us know, there are three lines of thought concerning the “when”. There is the pre-tribulation rapture, occurring before the tribulation. Others think it will happen at the mid-point of the tribulation. Still others think the church will be present for much of the tribulation, perhaps even making it to “the end” when Jesus returns and sets up His kingdom.

I have found those who believe in the mid-trib and post-trib lines of thought get very….passionate….when discussing it READ MORE

TRUTH FOR FREEDOM WORDPRESS: In eschatology, it is important to remember that almost all Christians agree on these three things: 1) there is coming a time of great tribulation such as the world has never seen, 2) after the Tribulation, Christ will return to establish His kingdom on earth, and, 3) there will be a Rapture—a translation from mortality to immortality—for believers (John 14:1–3; 1 Corinthians 15:51–52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17). The question is when does the Rapture occur in relation to the Tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ?

Through the years three main theories have emerged concerning the timing of the Rapture: pretribulationism (the belief that the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation begins), midtribulationism (the belief that the Rapture will occur at the midpoint of the Tribulation), and posttribulationism (the belief that the Rapture will occur at the end of the Tribulation). This article deals specifically with the pretribulational view.

Pretribulationism teaches that the Rapture occurs before the Tribulation starts READ MORE:

LAMBLION.COM: Frequently I am asked to explain or defend the end-time view of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church. For that topic, lots of Bible verses, readings and references rattle around in my skull. I can extract each like a Powerball out of an air machine and present it to the inquiring mind, but never in a linear, comprehensive manner in which I particularly appreciate. And so, this article is my attempt to organize my brain on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view. You’re welcome to come along on the journey!

Taking It to the Bedrock

My belief that there will be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church stands on the bedrock of the following foundational tenets:

A) The Bible is the Word of God

 The 66-book canon called the Bible is God’s inerrant, infallible message to mankind, explaining His purposes and plans for the ages (2 Tim. 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21). No other document can be reliably trusted, nor remotely reach the bar for the requirements of authentication that the Bible attains to so easily READ MORE:






  1. Harley says:

    The Bride of Christ is a special group of people. He did not mean “her” to suffer the rath. We definatley have tribulation to a point right now, but not rath. I believe the more we learn about the Jewish customs the more we can understand the mind of God. A pre-trib rapture is the only thing that makes sence. I’m with you brother.

  2. youngearth says:

    Then YOU have been deceived! Think about the consequences of such a lazy view when proven wrong! We Christians will ALL enter the Great Tribulation together. First read your Bible! Second Jesus said that persecution of Christians would happen until He returned (Mt 24:9). Third the rapture will only happen when the sixth seal is opened and this follows after the fifth seal which is Christian martyrdom.

  3. Pretrib Rapture Pride

    by Bruce Rockwell

    Pretrib rapture promoters like Thomas Ice give the impression they know more than the early Church Fathers, the Reformers, the greatest Greek New Testament scholars including those who produced the KJV Bible, the founders of their favorite Bible schools, and even their own mentors!
    Ice’s mentor, Dallas Sem. president John Walvoord, couldn’t find anyone holding to pretrib before 1830 – and Walvoord called John Darby and his Brethren followers “the early pretribulationists” (RQ, pp. 160-62). Ice belittles Walvoord and claims that several pre-1830 persons, including “Pseudo-Ephraem” and a “Rev. Morgan Edwards,” taught a pretrib rapture. Even though the first one viewed Antichrist’s arrival as the only “imminent” event, Ice (and Grant Jeffrey) audaciously claim he expected an “imminent” pretrib rapture! And Ice (and John Bray) have covered up Edwards’ historicism which made a pretrib rapture impossible! Google historian Dave MacPherson’s “Deceiving and Being Deceived” for documentation on these and similar historical distortions.
    The same pretrib defenders, when combing ancient books, deviously read “pretrib” into phrases like “before Armageddon,” “before the final conflagration,” and “escape all these things”!
    BTW, the KJV translators’ other writings found in London’s famed British Library (where MacPherson has researched) don’t have even a hint of pretrib rapturism. Is it possible that Ice etc. have found pretrib “proof” in the KJV that its translators never found?
    Pretrib merchandisers like Ice claim that nothing is better pretrib proof than Rev. 3:10. They also cover up “Famous Rapture Watchers” (on Google) which shows how the greatest Greek NT scholars of all time interpreted it.
    Pretrib didn’t flourish in America much before the 1909 Scofield Bible which has pretribby “explanatory notes” in its margins. Not seen in the margins was jailed forger Scofield’s criminal record throughout his life that David Lutzweiler has documented in his recent book “The Praise of Folly” which is available online.
    Biola University’s doctrinal statement says Christ’s return is “premillennial” and “before the Tribulation.” Although universities stand for “academic freedom,” Biola has added these narrow, restrictive phrases – non-essentials the founders purposely didn’t include in their original doctrinal statement when Biola was just a small Bible institute! And other Christian schools have also belittled their founders.
    Ice, BTW, has a “Ph.D” issued by a tiny Texas school that wasn’t authorized to issue degrees! Ice now says that he’s working on another “Ph.D” via the University of Wales in Britain. For light on the degrees of Ice’s scholarliness, Google “Bogus degree scandal prompts calls to wind up University of Wales,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “be careful in polemics – Peripatetic Learning,” “Walvoord Melts Ice,” and “Thomas Ice (Hired Gun).”
    Other fascinating Google articles include “The Unoriginal John Darby,” “X-raying Margaret,” “Edward Irving is Unnerving,” “Pretrib Rapture Politics,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrets,” “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy,” and “Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism” – most from the author of “The Rapture Plot,” the most accurate documentation on pretrib rapture history.
    Can anyone guess who the last proud pretrib rapture holdout will be?
    (Postscript: For another jolt or two Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

    [I saw the preceding piece on the net. Any reactions?]

    • joecruzmn says:

      Time and Time again I have had debates about the Pretribulation with many Christian brothers and sisters. The ones that have come against Pretibulators are mid tribulators because for some weird reason they believe that pretibers are in in error.They throw out ever conceivable argument about darby o some young girl who prophesied and tell me how no one believe in the Pre Tribulation until then.They look for whatever reason to discredit a certain individual because heaven forbid they went to some tiny college and somehow that doesn’t qualify them as scholars. I would just like to answer one question. Where is it the Pretribers are in Error, because everyday I go about my life hoping that I did enough for my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I pray that just maybe I i did enough for him, or what if I lose my salvation. I am more frightened of those things that occupy my mind than anything else. I do not understand the idea that because someone believe in the Pre Tribulation that it makes them lazy. Granted the bible does not mention a rapture, so what makes you so sure that that there will be a rapture at all. Where is the proof in the Bible that says it. Early Church fathers taught a pretribulation like Papias (60-130) Clement of Rome (90-100) The Sherpherd of Hermas (96-150) Ignatius of Antioch (98-117) Barnabas (100) The Didache (100-160) Justin Martyr (110-165) The Epistle of Barnabas (117-138) Irenaeus (120-202) Tertullian (145-220) Hippolytus (185-236) Cyprian (200-250) Lactantius (260-330) From these men we see the doctrine of Christ’s soon return within a premillennial framework. The doctrine permeated the early church. Some of these men even had direct contact with the apostles. SO if you say that no one talked of pretib before 1830 than why do we have writing of their belief on it. If you could be in error on this idea what else can you be in error of in the bible

  4. joecruzmn says:

    BTW my salvation lies within the one who came and died for me on the cross. To forgive me for my sins. If a pre tribulation happens then we would have been lucky that the Lord was kind enough to remove us from the horror to come. He did it for Noah and delivered him form the coming flood. What makes you so sure that you have to go trhough the wrath of God. I find it odd and scary that some mid tribers and Post tribers look forward to this day of horror. Almost inviting it.

  5. I would love to hear just one reason for the pretrib belief that isn’t based in assumption. So far I haven’t come across even one.

    Assumptions of the pretrib belief…

    1) The time of Jacob’s trouble is the great tribulation… that cannot be this time because Israel is scattered throughout the whole Earth and is the worse time for Israel. This time has already come and gone. Israel is now gathered and she will not be scattered again. She will be occupying Jerusalem when Messiah comes.
    2) The word escape in Luke 21:36 is the rapture… If that is the case why are we commanded to “Pray always, that we might be worthy to escape, all…”? How absurd to think that we need to continually pray to be saved so that we might be raptured, and what does worthiness, or works have to do with salvation?
    3) The bride is in Heaven when Christ returns and brings her with (Rev. 19:1-7)… Paul tells us exactly where the bride is and how she is making herself ready by her righteous acts on earth… 1 Thess. 3:12-13. She is on Earth when Jesus returns with the saints who have gone one before (dead in Christ will rise first).
    4) The rapture happens at Rev. 4:1… This is a total assumption… Jesus tells us in Rev. 16:15 that he is STILL coming for those who are WATCHING, and keeping their garments clean.
    5) The wrath of God is temporal and not eternal… It is true we are not appointed or assigned to God’s wrath (1 Thess. 5:9)…. BUT to SALVATION and FOREVER living with HIM…Don’t forget verse 10! Rev. 14:9-12 tells us exactly what God’s wrath is… forever burning in the lake of fire…
    6) The restrainer is the Holy Spirit… This too is an assumption… is Restrainer capitalized in the Word…. NO, then why are you doing so?

    The assumptions just go on and on…Never is there something based in TRUTH of the Word of God. Just man’s assumptions. Be careful that “No, man deceive you!”

  6. truthinspires2013 says:

    Hello Joe, just wondering if you care if I copy your Image above (The Rapture image) and use on twitter with permissions from you? Looking for the rapture too!

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