2OOOOO ARE EVCUATED AS VOLCANO KELUD ERUPTS IN INDONESIA: Kelud, The Seat of God has erupted sending ash 300 miles away and blanketing Temples of Buddha throughout the cities.

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Kelud has erupted killing two people and sending ash as far as 300 miles away. The Volcano is a hotspot for ritual activity. Hindus go to Mount Kelud to offer produce and incense so that they can be saved from catastrophes and endowed them with prosperity and harmony.  Thank you for visiting These Christian Times


DAILYMAIL ONLINE: A volcano erupted on the heavily populated Indonesian island of Java today, sending a huge plume of ash and sand 10 miles into the air and forcing the evacuation of more than 200,000 people and the closure of five airports.

Indonesia’s national disaster agency ordered the evacuation of all families living within a six-mile radius of Mount Kelud.

The volcano is 54 miles south of Indonesia’s second biggest city Surabaya, a major industrial centre.

National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Nugroho said the eruptions had ceased, but the ash had spread as far as 312 miles to the west and northwest, causing more problems, especially for airlines READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2559205/More-200-000-people-evacuated-five-airports-closed-volcano-erupts-Indonesian-island.html#ixzz2tJE4DdIB  


RT NEWS: The Indonesian island of Java is in a state of emergency, as a gigantic volcano eruption causes 200,000 people to flee their homes, as airports shut down and 17-kilomoter plumes of ash blanketed the sky.

Thursday night’s eruption of Mount Kelud was so powerful it was heard at distances of 130 kilometers in the country’s second largest city of Surabaya, as ash blanketed everything in the vicinity. The volcano is considered to be among the most dangerous on the densely populated island.

Friday saw two people lose their lives after roofs collapsed onto them under the sheer volume of ash, the local disaster mitigation agency reported READ MORE: http://rt.com/news/kelud-volcano-erupts-indonesia-962/





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