The Rise of Demonic activity is increasing at a frightening rate. I want to Reblog a story shared by one Blogger who I truly respect and admire for letting us into her world and experience. Read the story and tell yourself if you do not believe in Demons. There are no such things as ghost. There is only evil spirits that get invited into your life. If there is anyone who has had a similar experience please let me know and I will Reblog or post your story. Comment and give me your info and we will get your story posted> Please do not be afraid to share your story..

The Harley Factor

I covered what I thought about drug use being a demonic gateway in a previous post, but I think more needs to be told about other gateways. The ones people (mostly young people I think) don’t even think about. Things that seem like a game or something entertaining at first, but push wide open a door that could be a road to hell. Do you read your horoscope in the paper? Do you consult with a psychic for advice? Do you watch vampire or zombie movies? Do you play with Ouija boards? Have you ever had your palm read? These are just a few gateways to the demonic and they are very dangerous to you spiritually and sometimes physically too as you will see in the first link below to some degree and in the story my mistress will tell you.

The next video comes from the 700 Club and shows…

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