8 YEAR OLD BOY SAVES HIS FAMILY FROM FIRE: The heroic 8 year old who tragically died trying to save family in the ultimate sacrifice.

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I have come across an amazing story about an 8 year old who sacrificed his life trying to save his paraplegic Grandpa and an Uncle from a fire. His story will be my one of three front page articles on These Christian Times. A Hero can come in all shapes and sizes. We look at them as Police man, Fireman, Military Veterans, or Paramedics, but for one family their Hero was one of their own and his name was Tyler J. Doohan. He woke up 6 of his family members and in a self-less act  went back to save his loved ones. People will say where God was in this senseless tragedy? I may not know the  answer to that question, but  I can tell you he was with Tyler.  He thought like God did by giving his life for the ones that he loved. In that moment he had the mind of God risking everything with no fear. Giving his life in the ultimate way God did, by sacrificing himself. Today God wiped the tear from his eyes and told him “Well done faithful servant”.

DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE.COM: Tyler J. Doohan knew he didn’t have school Monday morning because of the holiday, and asked his mother if it would be OK if he stayed at his grandfather’s trailer at the East Avenue Manufactured Home Community off Route 441 in Penfield READ MORE: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/local/2014/01/20/fire-chief-he-saved-those-other-six-people-/4668401/

USATODAY: Tyler J. Doohan knew he didn’t have school Monday because of the holiday and asked his mother if it would be OK if he stayed at his grandfather’s trailer here.

Tyler knew the place well. He stayed there frequently, playing with other kids in the Rochester, N.Y. suburb and having barbecues and bonfires with his family in the summer READ MORE: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/01/21/8-year-old-fire-hero/4717669/

YAHOO: A fourth-grade boy died in a fire in his grandfather’s Penfield, N.Y., trailer home after helping to save six of his relatives. Tyler Doohan, 8, had returned to the blaze in an attempt to help rescue his disabled uncle, reports the Democrat & Chronicle.

Tyler, his uncle Steve Smith and his grandfather Louis J. Beach died in the inferno this past weekend READ MORE: http://news.yahoo.com/8-year-old-boy-saves-six-in-blaze-before-dying-while-trying-to-save-another-221718265.html


  1. Harley says:

    What a selfless little boy. This is an amazing story of love and bravery

  2. V.E.G. says:

    Well done, Tyler! Rest in peace!

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