MARS MYSTERY ROCK: Nasa says Mars mystery rock that ‘appeared’ from nowhere is ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen before’

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO: Let the conspiracy theories begin. I have read on other news articles that the rock is like the shape and size of a Jelly Doughnut. The Mars rock mystery quickly went viral and speculation ranges from Opportunity knocking the rock into the frame to aliens.

RT NEWS:  The rock that suddenly appeared next to the NASA’s Opportunity rover in the beginning of January turns out to have an irregular chemical composition for Mars: it has too much sulfur, magnesium and manganese, scientists say.

In particular, the rock has twice as much manganese as anything previously analyzed on Mars READ MORE:

INDEPENDENT CO UK: A mysterious rock which appeared in front of the Opportunity rover is “like nothing we’ve ever seen before”, according to Mars exploration scientists at Nasa.

Experts said they were “completely confused” by both the origins and makeup of the object, which is currently being investigated by Opportunity’s various measuring instruments READ MORE:

CLEAVELANDLEADER.COM: Life on Mars has yet to be found, although the Curiosity rover did find some compelling evidence last year that the Red Planet once had free-flowing, liquid water on its surface. That is about as exciting as things have gotten during NASA’s explorations of Mars, until recently when a mysterious rock appeared on the planet’s surface that wasn’t there just a few weeks ago.

NASA scientists are perplexed, and have never seen anything quite like this before. Furthermore, it is unlike anything else they’ve seen on Mars itself to date READ MORE:



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