The Taxes and Fees from ObamaCare that will hit your pocket. It’s going to hurt you more than you realize and that is only the beginning. CLICK HERE TO READ

What consequences could be coming for Obama and the Democrats if the American public begins to feel the sticker shock on the Affordable Care Act? Will a weary American public go with the law or will they revolt through the elections by voting Democrats out of Washington? CLICK HERE TO READ

The ones who will get hit the hardest will be the Middle Class, Seniors, and Baby Boomers. It will cost the Average taxpayer $6,000 dollars in extra taxes. Seniors will not get the care they will so badly need and simple surgeries like hip replacement will be hard to get through Medicare. If this is a healthcare Act to give medical insurance to those who need it, then why would it be harder for older people to get needed surgery? CLICK HERE TO READ

Want to know the true sticker shock of the bill. I hope you have money saved up to help absorb the shock cost. CLICK HERE TO READ

Confusion reigns for enrollees of ObamaCare as patients are being turned away for not having enough proof that they have signed up for the program. Not only was the sign up to the website a monumental disaster, but now those who actually signed up are being turned away CLICK HERE TO READ

So now that we have a little run down on some of todays big news on Obamacare be sure to click on the articles to see how it will truly affect you. We have people losing coverage, higher premiums on insurance, higher cost to the consumer, and that’s the tip of the iceberg on this massive Titanic law that is waiting to hit an Iceberg. Obamacare is not going to go away and you will be spooned forced this law down as a healthy dose of Medicine. Open up and say Ahhhhhhhhh!


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