Ariel Sharon Near Death! Will The Messianic Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Come True?

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was about to do an article on Ariel Sharon being close to death and Ultra-Orthodox Jews placing a curse on him for caving in to demands to divide the land of Israel. TWCLARK66 has done a great job of bringing this awesome news to the forefront. Not only is Ariel Sharon close to death, but a Rabbi predicted that when Sharon died that Jesus would appear. The same Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri who caused an uproar in Israel by naming the Messiah YEHOSHUA (Jesus). Folks this is BIG NEWS


This post is to put together the strange sequence of events surrounding Ariel Sharon Prime Minister of Israel.  It is believed that Ultra-Orthodox Jews placed a Kabbalistic death curse on Ariel Sharon for expelling  Jews from settlements in the West Bank.  Below is listed the video of the curse being conducted prior to Sharon suffering his stroke which led to his current Coma.  They say that following this curse Sharon fell ill 6 months to the day of this ceremony.

What makes this story stranger is that renowned Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri made a prophetic announcement that the Messiah would soon appear following the death of Ariel Sharon.  The Kauri prophecy is detailed concerning his prophecy that the Messiah is Jesus Christ.

The video below covers this prophecy and its implications.  This video was shot around July 1st, 2012 when it was rumored that Ariel Sharon had died.

Paul Begley is…

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  1. Patricia Ann Farm says:

    I had a dream of a branch coming out of no where, the branch had beautiful flowers on it. The next thing I saw was the branch was with out flowers. It was caked with yellow crumbling looking stuff stuck to it all over. Almost like when I see pollen, I prayed and told the Lord I did not understand and then he gave me a dream of a plate of fried chicken, Japan had a massive earthquake and the reactors could not be prepared or corrected.

    Why we all did not go to the aid of these people as they are as much our people as we are of them. We are all of God irregardless and he would have it that none should perish. Ivan McFadyen wrote an article about the sea being broken and the bible says the sea turned to blood. He said the 7 mos. it took him to take the journey around the world. He did not see birds as before, he said the quiet was I guess almost deafening. He said all the years in the past you could put your hook in the water and catch a big fish but not now.

    God bless Ariel Sharon and his family that all should come to find him before it is to late, as the tree falleth the word says so shall it lie. The enemy is coming for our nation I feel and God is the thing that will protect his people. The times are wicked as the word says. Bold evil is a foot and man no longer cares to hide it.

    I saw the crashing of our money I believe it took place in one night. The Lord took me from my bed and set me upon a white swing suspended from the heavens. He brought his hand out and he wrote on the sky, 100. Then he brought my eyes to the ground and I saw the money burning up like gases. Then he had my eyes drawn to the faces of the presidents to say none of our money would make it. The other day being a widow I was worried about where I would live as I became homeless over night. He let me to know we are in this world but not of it and he said Mammon is not ours, seek the Father through the door of Jesus Christ while the time remains. As it is not long.

    Blessing to every believer,

    Tricia Farm

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