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Have you ever heard the song by Alabama “Angels Among Us”? Do angels walk among us? Are they spirits of light that document our every move? The Bible truly has answers to some of our questions on this issue if you want to read about the topic. While researching this photo I did come across articles that proclaim that the light on stage was a reflection or that the angel wasn’t an angel at all and could be demonic. I did put three articles up for you to make the decision for yourself. I for one cannot tell if it is an Angel or not. I do know that we can communicate to Angels unaware and that leads me to believe they could take on human form. For instance: Hebrews 13:2, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. They can be invisible and visible Angels and they come to Minister to you.

The photo in question was taken at a Christian event. On the Promise Keeper Facebook it reads that “Something SUPERNATURAL took place in Cedar Falls today. As hundreds of men repented of sin in their lives, a man in attendance took two pictures. Both had an angel on them. As the worship band said “Jesus take all of me,” God sent a miraculous sign to confirm what He was doing”. The photo was taken by a pastor who lifted his iPad over his head to take a picture. He looked down at the screen to see a strange glow on the stage and showed the picture to the man standing next to him and proceeded to take another picture of the stage. When he took the same image the same thing happened again.  The pastor’s wife released a statement about that photo where she states , “My husband took these photos. No Photoshop. Enjoy debating angels and stage lights but don’t miss the miracle of a few thousand men gathering to praise God and to be challenged to be men of honor who keep their promises! At least 17 of them were our guys. That’s a miracle. They were in our church Sunday gathering at the front praying with their families and friends. Miracles happen.” So are we seeing an Angel or some type of reflection off of a light? You make the choice and either believe that there is a Supernatural world where a dimension exists where these beings rip through our time continuum, or not.

It is easy for the unbeliever to explain this away as a reflection of light, but C.S Lewis said it best in “Miracles”: “Each story must be taken on its merits: what one must not do is to rule out the supernatural as the one impossible explanation. Thus you may disbelieve in the Mons Angels because you cannot find a sufficient number of sensible people who say they saw them. But if you found a sufficient number, it would, in my view, be unreasonable to explain this by collective hallucination. For we know enough of psychology to know that spontaneous unanimity in hallucination is very improbable, and we do not know enough of the supernatural to know that a manifestation of angels is equally improbable. The supernatural theory is the less improbable of the two.” How true indeed, and do not forget to entertain strangers, because it just may be Angels Unaware.

  1. I know angels take on human form. The fallen angels came down to earth and mated with the females. They could only do this by taking on human form. Angels were sent by God at certain times to speak to people, such as the angel speaking to Elizabeth and the one Jacob wrestled with.

    I also know from my own experience. Many years ago, the vehicle I was driving died where I sat, waiting on a traffic light to change. This highway is so vicious with people getting off work on a Friday. Cars would travel 20 miles over the speed limit, barreling through whatever obstacle was in the way. When my truck died, I was unable to get out to attempt to see what the problem was. A lane of traffic was whizzing past me on either side. I couldn’t open the door with any safety. I knew when my light changed, I was dead. I began to pray, “God, send an angel,” over and over again. A tap at my window proved to be a man who said he would help. He pulled his truck in front of mine, hooked a chain from his to mine and pulled me to safety. The traffic light did not turn until I was safely out of way. We pulled over to an empty parking lot. He opened my hood, attached the loose spark plug. I thanked him, offered to pay him and tried to get his name. He refused. He left as mysteriously as he appeared. I know, God sent an angel. Amen.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Wow that was an amazing story. Have you ever thought of writing about that experience? Yes when I became a Christian one of the first thing I struggled with was the angels cohabiting with women. As I read more about the past it just hit me and made me realize our past is being scrubbed with an alternate idea to explain away God

      • There will always be those who seek a way to discredit God. They don’t want to live under god’s law and they won’t accept Christ, so they will be judged under the way, but the Christian will not. Praise God that the Christian has been forgiven and is no longer under the law.

        The amazing thing about the man was how he appeared out of nowhere. I was sitting with my eyes closed, praying so hard because I actually needed a miracle. There was no way in the physical realm he could have pulled his truck around to the front of my truck – there was no space as the traffic was traveling 60-65 mph on both sides of me. But, there he was with all he needed to hook up to me and pull me to safety. It is something I will never forget. If you should ever need an angel, don’t hesitate to ask God to send one.

        The fallen angels who mated created a race of humans who had superior intelligence. God allowed the angels to do this for two reasons.
        1. If God had struck them down instantly as they rebelled, the other angels and cherubims and such would have worshiped God in fear from that point on. God did not want that.
        2. God knew we would need a race that had superior intelligence if we were to progress in all things.
        God uses the evil that man and angels do for the good of all mankind.

      • joecruzmn says:

        Barb I honestly think you should write about this experience. This is an amazing story. I will definitely reblog if you do. Your experience reminds me of a friend of mine who had a weird thing happened to him and he swears that he thinks an angel helped him out. I will also like to thank you for the nomination for the blogger awards. I do not think I deserve such a honorary acknowledgement. I just want to spread the word of God and seek truth. That is why I write. Even if I don’t get anything I am grateful for what you have done. How do I link up

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