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In an article published by Daily Mail Online, a source from Duck Dynasty claims that a representative was in on the GQ interview when Phil Robertson was asked about his beliefs and faith.  The source also claims that the representative never once stopped the interview when the topic of homosexuality came up.  This is further proof of what I spoke of in my last article that the A & E network was probably trying to take Phil off of the show or silence him for his belief system. If you recall, they had issues with Phil when he mentioned Jesus at the dinner table during the closing remarks and prayer of each show.  And when A & E couldn’t stop him, they went a different route to stop his actions.  It has backfired in A & E’s face, and they are running scared with their backs against the wall.   Petitions for support of Phil Robertson, in protest of the network, are popping up everywhere with hundreds of thousands of supporters, Facebook pages showed up in hours with thousands of supporters as well, blogs for both support of Phil and his faith are writing about the subject, and it seems everywhere you turn there is something on the controversy, whether in the media or on everyone’s lips.  Advertisers for the network are even in on the trouble, with Cracker Barrel withdrawing their support, and Under Armour standing with the Robertson clan.  Where do you stand?  Sign the petition to get Phil back on the show that basically is about HIM and his family, or write to A & E and tell them your thoughts.  Also, please read the articles below:


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