Scary times indeed. Someday this world will be overcome with disease when The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse gallop across the landscape. Just a sample of what is to come on an unrepentant world. Great article Ace. I also  added another article that I found on Ace news service concerning a pill that takes pictures inside your body. Neat story. Click on link below.

Ace News Services

Madagascar village ‘hit by bubonic plague’; Red Cross warns of epidemic


An ICRC-led programme is working to reduce prison rat populations
An ICRC-led programme is working to reduce prison rat populations

A village in Madagascar has been hit by a deadly outbreak of the bubonic plague, medical experts on the island have confirmed.

BBC News

Test were carried out after at least 20 people in the village, near the north-western town of Mandritsara, were reported to have died last week.

The International Committee of the Red Cross warned in October that Madagascar was at risk of a plague epidemic.

The disease is transmitted to humans via fleas, usually from rats.

Bubonic plague, known as the Black Death when it killed an estimated 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, is now rare.

Last year, Madagascar had 60 deaths from the plague, the world’s…

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  1. Hello Joe, thanks for the RB and comment. I am already seeing the fall of mankind in so many areas, related to health, politics, religion and of course money. We must protect the weak and keep the wolf from their door hell-bent on taking what does not belong to them. Take care and regards, Ian

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