Christians Beware The Exo-Vaticana Alien Deception Is Here! Part 2 (Alert)

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This is something I feel is important for the Christian beliver to understand. I know this is out of the ORDINARY for some Christians to understand all of this, but we must open our minds and see around us what could play big parts in our faith and end time events. Thought I share with you guys the ongoing Alien conspiracy. What are they? Are Aliens real and from a different planet coming to help the human race or are they something more sinister? Is there a bigger conspiracy afoot to deceive the whole world? What would the ramifications be to the Christian believer? Would he/she lose their faith? What does the pope and the Vatican have anything to do with this? How would it affect the world? Watch this with an open mind and question for yourself the reality that a strong delusion maybe on the horizon. Please if you can take to time to watch all the videos to understand what is at play here


This is the second post focusing on the Exo-Vaticana Alien Deception, also known as Project Blue Beam.  This is a Holographic deception mixed with Tesla weapon technology to demonstrate to the globe that we are being invaded by an alien race.  The main sign of the last days is that it will be known for wide spread “DECEPTION”.  Christians need to be the people getting out this information because we have the spirit to discern and the unsaved don’t.  Here is a thorough listing of videos that are breaking this alien story as it is happening right now!  I believe that Grid Ex II will probably be involved in this deception so that the holograms will get the full attention of the people.  It may seem like this is going out on a limb but it just looks like these elites are moving to install the New World Order Satanic…

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