Thought I share with you readers some of the men that really have change my outlook on life and the Bible. Many do not know the names of the late Prophecy in the news founder J.R. Church or Dr. I.D.E Thomas. These men were pioneers in my eyes and showed me something that was hardly talked about. Dr. I. D. E. Thomas was one of these men. When I came to Christ I was hungry for the word and for truth. One of the first book I ever read was The Omega Conspiracy and it changed the outlook of what I believed aliens were. This book single handily destroyed my belief in Aliens from a different world because it made me seek out truth about this phenomenon as a baby in Christ. It made me see the world and the battle hidden in plain sight. Dr. I.D.E. passed away on August 28, 2013. Thank you Dr. for showing me something I never knew existed. I recommend anything you may find about this God loving man and see for yourself what I am talking about. Heaven has gain a saint we have lost a Pioneer. LA if you read this post or not please keep doing what you do. You have also change a lot of what I believed as a Christian. Keep the torch burning as bright as you can because everyday it gets dimmer and dimmer. You have truly influenced my life just as much as Dr. I.D.E Thomas and J.R. Church have. God Bless these men.

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Dr. ThonasI was in the Chicago airport yesterday when my cell phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Mrs. Dr. I. D. E. THOMAS.  I knew what I was about to be told…

Mrs. Thomas informed me that her beloved husband Dr. I. D. E. Thomas had passed away.  He had Alzheimer’s, and was 93 years old.  When he passed, she was with him.  He held her hand tightly and then, slowly loosened his grip and passed away.

He was my mentor and he is the reason I am doing what I do today.  He was an amazing man, full of the Holy Spirit.  He was perhaps one of the most intelligent men I have ever met. He was the author of 17 books and was a life-long student of the Bible.  He was a Godly man, a devoted husband, a preacher of the word…

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