WHAT MUST WE DO TO WAKE UP?? Are you a watchman who is willing to blow the horn of the coming judgement. I will always kick and scream until I can get at least one person to understand what I am trying to relay. Where are the Christians in the battle for the spiritual warfare consuming this country? I may sound harsh about what I say about THE SLEEPING CHRISTIAN, but the truth of the matter is that we are doing absolutely nothing. We need to wake up before its too late. Are we not the body of CHRIST? What needs to happen to you to wake up. The destruction of our faith is vast and long. What will you say to God when you are before him and you failed to pick up that horn and deny your responsibility as a Christian. Please do not be afraid to share the absolute truth of Jesus Christ. Time is running out.. Please I know the video is 21 minutes long, but I beg you to watch it because the message is true to us SLEEPING CHRISTIAN. I beg you please, please, please share the word of god. You need to sound the drums of your faith and be courageous in overwhelming odds. Please watch the video


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