UPDATE ON SECRET NUCLEAR WARHEAD TRANSFER: Over a month ago I did an article titled The False Flag Connections. Ace News services has done a great job of connecting all related articles concerning this grave situation. I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU to click on all links to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is a story that hasn’t died off and something the main stream media isn’t really reporting. I am usually not the type to get into conspiracies, but something had to be done about this story especially with the warning Sen. Lindsey Graham gave. That was one of the reasons why I put the story up on my Blog. We must always be vigilant and seek truth. Please take the time to read and see what has happen since the transfer occurred. What was the reason for this Transfer? Where are the warheads currently located? Why hasn’t the media been more vocal? Something doesn’t smell right and there is a possibility of a FALSE FLAG ATTACK until we know the answers to this story. God bless you and please don’t hesitate to share the word and love of Jesus Christ

Ace News Services

On September 3, whistle-blowers inside the US military alerted independent and mainstream media outlets about the mysterious movement of America’s dusty old nuclear warheads stored at an Air Force base in Texas. Witnesses described how the nukes were loaded onto semi-trucks bound for a military base in South Carolina. With the base commander present and approving the transfer verbally, no paperwork was ever noticed by any of the whistle-blowers.

Infowars was one the first outlets to alert the public. “Alex Jones here with a breaking emergency alert for Infowars.com,” Jones began his news announcement, “We’re in Texas and have military sources at a major Air Force base in west Texas that have reported to us the unprecedented event of secret nuclear weapons that were stored there being removed and transferred out of the base today, to be shipped to South Carolina.”

Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Obama…

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