on the road marked with suffering: stumbling through prayer.

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A sleeping church should see the things that a suffering Christian goes through in their darkest time. We are asleep at the wheel, yet a mother struggles with the suffering of a child. Please read this courageous story about what suffering means and how despite the huge storm that approaches this woman’s family she stand tall and praises in the storm. Sleeping Christian please wake up and look at the world around you. Never take your one breathe for granted. Never take your life for granted and always stand firm in your darkest time. There is another link that I highly recommend you click on in this blog. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CLICK ON THAT LINK ALSO AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR AN EMOTIONAL RIDE. It is time for the Church to wake up

Michaela Evanow

As the trees are marked with the burning flames of autumn, another child dies.

Another one receives a diagnosis, a terminal, life altering one.

Another one falls prey to wickedness. Another dies from lack of water, from lack of love, from lack of shelter.

Another mother loses the child within her, nearly ready to be born. Another finds out her body can’t hold the seeds of life.

The road is marked with suffering.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace. {song}

These words come to mind today, this past week, as I’ve been mulling over our journey, their journey, this suffering, the pain and searing loss that so many seem to face. Some, again and again. Recently in the (blog) world, a family lost their little one to brain…

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