I will do whatever I need to do to get the Christian to listen to what I have been talking about when I first started this Blog. We need to stand up and not be afraid to speak the Word of Jesus Christ. We need to spread this Gospel and stand for truth. What kind of Christian are we if we are afraid of what our friends or co- workers will think of us because we spoke truth. Listen to the words long written down. Don’t be a Superhero hiding behind a mask. Be like Jesus who stood for truth and pierced the hearts of many with love. We have to try to spread his word before our time is up. Let your ROAR be heard across this dying world. Wake up Sleeping Christian and hear the alarm bell of faith.

Curbside Calling



Amazing In as much the rise of Action Figure Christianity is at an all-time high. We’ve developed the Superman Christian. Underneath our worldly clothes (life clothes, work clothes, et cetera) we proudly wear our spandex superhero costume – complete with a glowing emblazoned cross on the chest – only to be seen when there is an emergency or an opportunity for our own glorification

We live in an uncomfortable world, in as much we no longer have the luxury of being “comfortably Christian.”

Paper-Man-ScreamWe must STAND UP! America has become tolerant, and in our blind acceptance we’ve forgotten that sometimes you have to fight for what you stand for.Churchill - stand up - have enemiesInstead, at best, we stand on corners, like street-walkers; our signs reading “I believe in God. Wanna talk about it, let me know, otherwise have a nice day.”

Stand For Something SoapboxOr worse we dull down…

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  1. mayoman98 says:

    Prophesy, my brother! We allcould use a wake up call. But, do we hear it?…

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