The fighting Pastor

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Great video of a Pastor trying to spread the Gospel in the most brutal of sports. You may not see it right away but you can see the symbolism of the world fighting against us and trying to deprave and take the image of God away. Why is the Christian Church asleep? Where is the warrior in you to stand against this system that seeks to consume us and rip the soul and spirit of God’s love within us. What is stopping you from spreading the gospel to the darkest corner of the world. Rise up and let our hands be raised in victory while we stand over that which seeks to take us away from God. I know this is a 13 minute video but please take the time to watch it. When will the warrior in you give you the strength to spread the gospel. Let the Love of Christ give you the strength to fight for what is true and help you overcome  the obstacles laid before you. Time is running out. Please spread the gospel

  1. leighla93 says:

    I’ve heard of many MMA fighters being religious/spiritual but it’s rare to actually see Christianity deeply rooted in such a sport. This is great. What an example of faith, strength, love, and discipline this pastor has. He should be a coach of other trainers. Everyone has their own fight in this world and this just motivated me to continue my ministry. I’m not too much into MMA, but Vitor Belfort is one more fighter to admire. Have a great one in Christ! 🙂

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