No Ordinary Day

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Jesus Made Me Do It

What can I really say? Today is a day of remembrance for those who were affected by the attacks on 9/11.

Here it is I thought I had something to complain about. In fact, I literally just did in an long email. But as I turned to write this blog it hit me just how insignificant my problems are compared to those who’s lives were shaken by the tragedies of this day.

On this day it didn’t matter how a person’s life was going. It didn’t matter if they were rich with a beautiful family, or homeless hanging out outside the twin towers. The acts of evil do not discriminate between race, creed, or social status. And on this day much was taken away from a lot of people. Not just this day, but the days to follow with the “war on terrorism.” The fact is, innocent people lost their…

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