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False FlagSo recently there has been a lot of chatter about some nuclear warheads being transferred from Dyess Air Force to South Carolina. Shortly after, Sen. Lindsey Graham came out with a statement on the local Charlotte CBS affiliate that a nuke could come to the Charlton Bay Area. Reading some articles lately just made me start to think there is something horrible afoot. I am beginning to believe that they will bring in another country that supports Syria and make it look like they will be responsible for a possible  horrific false flag nuclear event here in America. The first article I will put up is about Anthony Gucciardi from Infowars who ask someone in the military to answer some questions. You will notice the female caller mess up in the very beginning. Its 7 minutes long, but worth the conversation. My hat goes off to Anthony Gucciardi and Alex jones for putting them on the spot. CLICK HERE TO WATCH AND READ ARTICLE

Looks like Obama will try to connect Iran with Syria and the reasons for attacking Bashars regime. It is an obvious way to gives reasons as to why something could happen on our homeland. Connect one country with the next. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE ON SENDING MESSAGE TO IRAN and CLICK HERE TO READ SYRIA  LINK TO IRAN Can you see the connection being built? This is nothing new, if you go back to years past and look up any false flag event with Iran you will notice a pattern begin to form. Just click False Flag with Iran on Google and see what comes up. I will even put the link up so that you can see for yourselves CLICK HERE FOR They are just getting us conditioned for those things to come.

We still have Senator Lindsey Graham stating that if nothing is done a nuke could be set off on our country. CLICK HERE TO READ SENATOR GRHAMS WARNING He starts to fear monger and claims if nothing happens in Syria then Israel will go to war with Iran within  6 months and it won’t stop there, but that we could get hit with a nuclear warhead. The play is being set with all actors being put in their respected place. Let the curtain rise so the spectators can see the lies of deception.

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