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There is nothing you can’t see nowadays that supposedly can’t shock our senses. Our minds have taken in so much that we now find some things that weren’t normal to be okay. It is a gradual baby step to slowly desensitize our experiences and lets us say things like “What’s the big deal, it doesn’t harm anyone?” We can look back to the past and see now how un-shocking Elvis Presley was when he went on The Milton Berle Show and did his famous “pelvis shake” to the song “Hound Dog” in front of his screaming fans. It was quite a scandal at the time. Surely but slowly the shock value began to hit our minds, and we start to approve certain things that we normally wouldn’t in the first place. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, and now Miley Cyrus do just what they like to get attention for “artistic value” and sell their music. Miley Cyrus just recently shocked the MTV audience by Twercking with Robin Thicke and grabbing a foam finger and pretended to stimulate herself with it. The reaction has been swift for Miley with many actors condemning her stunt, but my question is, why are they the first ones to react as the moral police when some of these same actors or actresses are part of that culture they help create? It is a depraved culture of immoral acts with no consequences. Why do they act shocked at what Miley has done? Like an Anaconda that slowly squeezes the life out of its prey, it is the same way the youth of this nation are slowly being squeezed out of their morals and salvation. Our nation is falling apart and all you have to do is read the headlines, from three bored teenage boys killing a jogger in Oklahoma, to an 88 year old WWII vet getting beaten to death with a flashlight in Oregon, to an 8 year old shooting his Grandma after playing Grand Theft Auto, to a 10 year old raping a 4 year old boy. A depravity has set in on our culture upon our children and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Depravity is an idea to kill our souls and our humanity. It is an idea to take God out of our lives.

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  1. dcomeaux says:

    Joe, this is all due to the breakdown of the American family. Every single child, at some point, will break away from what they’ve been taught in an effort to find themselves. Every one. Part of the reason Lindsay Lohan is so troubled. What I’d like to see happen is for someone to intervene, dress these kids up in unrecognizable attire, give them an apron, and have them help in a soup line, feeding the poor, repair rundown homes, sew curtains, even take a trip to the remote of Africa. Trust me, that would sober them all up! This reality check would reveal that they are NOT the center of the universe.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Amen for that. I totally agree with you on that aspect. Heck sometimes I need a reality check once in awhile. If only it were that easy for them there whole perspective would change if they saw how much the world suffers

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    what is next?

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    Romans 1:18-32

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