An estimated 1300 Syrian people died today by an attack of the Bashar Al Assad Regime on Al Qaeda rebels. The attacked happen in one of the suburbs of Damascus. Could this lead to a crisis that could drag nations into Syria to stop Bashar? Suspicion is high with some claiming that the rebels used nerve gas while rebels claim that Bashar used chemicals weapons on his own people. Will we see the prophetic Damascus become a ruinous heap? A red line has been crossed and the only outcome will be another prophetic chess piece being put in place. I wrote about Damascus one week ago and it seems like something that just keeps popping out of the true headlines of the Bible. I feel a chill running down my spine with to many things being too coincidental. We don’t know who will be involved or how, but we know this is for certain: God will judge Damascus.  The winds of prophecy are starting to create a whirlwind and the sirens of a coming destruction are blaring so loud that no one is taking cover. When the time comes and the dust settles, the only thing left standing will be a ruinous heap. Be prepared, folks – the road is about to get very bumpy in Egypt and Syria.

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