You know it like I know it. When we first start reading the bible in the beginning of Genesis, we start getting a sense of anticipation of what comes next in the first 4 chapters. Then like other parts of the bible we come across what I like to call the boring genealogy of the Bible. How many of us bemoan and think to ourselves, “Why even put this in here?” We breathe a sigh of frustration or just skip without reading it because to us they are not really important to remember. How many of you get frustrated and ignore those chapters that have names we can’t even pronounce? Why does God make me suffer by putting this useless information in here? ARRGGHHHHH!!!!

There are many reasons those names are put in there. One of them was to show the genealogy of Jesus Christ and that he came from a royal lineage to further prove his title of King.   There is one other aspect that many people overlook and that is the meaning of the names in the bible.  Within these names is a hidden message that was laid out for us to decipher. It is a message of a coming king who would die to save us. The mind boggles at the thought that on the surface of the bible is a clear message and written stories about Jesus, but like an onion being peeled back and revealing another layer is another layer beneath it that can only be explained away by the infinite mind of God. Isaac Newton believed that the Bible had a code within its pages and worked hard to decipher that code. I think there are layers on top of the first layer of the bible, just like the onion layer analogy I gave. I don’t believe that our Lord is hiding secret messages from us, but I do believe that He put these little “Aha!” moments for us to experience when we do find it. How many of us have experienced one of those moments? Isn’t that feeling an amazing experience when you figure what God is trying to convey to you?

So some of you may have seen or read these names and understand what they mean and their significance.  I hope I can give you an “Aha!” moment right now. Let’s begin with the Genealogy spoken of in Genesis 5:1 when Adam begat Seth, and Seth begat Enosh, and Enosh begat Kenan, and Kenan begat Mahalalel, and Mahalalel begat Jared, and Jared begat Enoch, and Enoch begat Methuselah, and Methuselah begat Lamech, and Lamech begat Noah.  Did you fall asleep yet? Here is the awesome story within their names and meanings.

Adam: (Man)
Seth: (Appointed)
Enosh: (Mortal)
Kenan: (Sorrow)
Mahalalel: (The Blessed God)
Jared: (Shall come down)
Enoch: (Teaching)
Methuselah: (His death shall bring)
Lamech: (The despairing)
Noah: (Rest, or comfort)


Do you see it now? Here before us is a message written long before Christ that says, “Man Appointed Mortal Sorrow, but The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching that His Death Shall Bring The Despairing Rest”. Isn’t God an amazing God? Who is like our Father with a mind like His? Here lies the story of the fall of man and Redemption in the Genesis account. What a great God we have that show us His greatness. The only thing that is left to do with the bible is to peel another layer from the top that is waiting for us to find more awesome wisdom. Can you imagine God looking down on us the second a light bulb goes off in our brains and we yell, “Aha!” How He must love to give us those moments. “AHA!” indeed.


  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    never heard it explained like that..thanks for giving me new insight!

  2. Aha! Thanks for sharing this. I have thought that sooooooo many times. Reading this really helps. Thanks!

  3. cyclimus says:

    Reblogged this on freedomsbrushfire and commented:
    Wow… the Gospel in the names from Adam to Noah. Mind = blown.

  4. Terri says:

    Reblogged this on I Love Life and commented:
    Wow. My mind has been blown. I knew the Old Testament had verses foretelling the coming of Jesus and of his eventual death, but I didn’t know there were “clues” even in the names. My mind is blown!

  5. That was quite enlightening. I learn something new every time I visit.

  6. Shofar says:

    This is amazing! Thank you and God bless you for sharing it!

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