The heart of man is growing cold in a world overrun by rampant ignorance of sound moral conviction. The world is looking for answers to everyday living and suffering. It is ripe for the taking by the man of sin. The man of sin is the lawless one to come and who will bring hope to all, only to destroy the euphoria of those people who will ignorantly and willfully accept a false hope. A long time ago before the creation of anything, God set into motion a love that would enter into our time continuum and become the epitome of true sacrifice. He was our Redeemer who was brought lowly down, spit upon, and mocked because of blindness that people refuse to believe of the claim he made. Who among us would have the courage to carry that cross and give your life for the world?  We turn now to a creation of the world and its amazing beauty. Who is like our god to create with a mind like his? God has created an abundance of beauty unlike anything we can wrap our minds around. Despite all of this, nothing is more valuable to him than you. You are his precious stone and his Gold. You are worth all kingdoms, powers, and above all wonders the world has ever known.

We can glean something from how a precious metal called Gold is offered to our King in Matthew 2:11. Gold is a commodity and is a standard by which other things are judged.  Despite all its beauty, it is nothing compare to you and the value of your soul. He thought of you and me from the beginning of time. He set you aside and brought you up to know Him. We as Christians know who he is and those that fail to understand are willfully ignorant of that fact. They are the ones spoken of in Peter 2:3, “Who walk after their own lust and scoff at him. They are the ones proclaiming, ‘Where is the promise of his coming?’ They are the ones who see creation and worship it instead of its creator.” Soon, and very soon, their ignorance will melt and the fear of the lord will take a hold of their heart. They will mourn like they mourn the loss of a loved one and they will run to him asking for forgiveness in their time of distress.  “For this the devil knows he has but a short time.” (Revelation 12:12)  The devil wishes to destroy you, the most precious and valuable thing that is meaningful to God.

In the beginning, God thought of you and set you aside as a creation worth more than any precious stone and precious gold.  We wake up every day and go about our daily lives not thinking of what tomorrow might bring, not knowing the worth that we are and the time God gave us. Don’t you understand, can’t you comprehend, sleeping Christian, our dutiful purpose for this world? If we had the mind of God we would be evangelizing the world. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to speak to someone about how much they measure to God. We lose if we do not have the courage to speak of Jesus. He needs to be what we wake up to with his song in our hearts. Let his voice carry us to the far ends of the earth and let his voice pick us up in our darkest hours.  I say to you, lift your head up high look to sky and see the world through the eyes of God. Gold may be the standard of how wealth on earth can be measured, but you are the standard of what God has measured in his love. You are worth more than anything in this world. You are worth more than Gold.  How can you measure that love?


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  1. Erika says:

    If we would all seek to see ourselves and other’s through God’s eyes we would have a lot less issues with ourselves and each other. I loved this post! Many of us have never been taught to open our Bible and learn what we are to God. Sadly most of professing Christians don’t even read their Bibles to see that they are gold in his eyes. I’m enjoying and learning as I read you writings here thank you for taking the time to share with us all 🙂

  2. I love your blogs! I love reading about the end times and Revelation. It’s so fascinating to me! I’m really glad to see someone on here, a christian and that God is someone in your life. Reading the things you’ve posted, are truly one of a kind. 🙂
    Never stop writing!

    • joecruzmn says:

      Thank you. You are awesome. I am sure you know who Britt Nicole is and you should listen to the song How The Lost Get Found. Good song and when you hve second doubts about what you want to do play this song

  3. yinkaenahoro says:

    “I say to you, lift your head up high look to sky and see the world through the eyes of God. Gold may be the standard of how wealth on earth can be measured, but you are the standard of what God has measured in his love. You are worth more than anything in this world. You are worth more than Gold. How can you measure that love?”….. How beautiful these words of yours are. In a world where humans get their self worth from wealth, looks, body forms, gadgets….anything really, this is a beautiful reminder of just how precious we are to THE one we most need and yet so often reject.

    • joecruzmn says:

      hello and thank you for commenting. I appreciate it and it means a lot to me that you began to follow and I have done the same for you. Thank you for your kind word

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