We finally reach the climax to our epic conclusion of this amazing story in the stars. Like I said before, it is up you to make a judgment, to believe if the gospel was written in the stars. I am not trying to make you follow an idolatrous idea. We all know that astrology is idolatry because the lord told us never to worship the heavens or stars in the sky. No, there was an original faith, which still persists today, and like I said before, all we need to do is look to the past to see how corrupted other cultures have twisted the gospel into their own desires. It never ceases to amaze me how the original faith has been corrupted, but thank our lord and Christ for coming and dying and making disciples who went on to write the original idea into words into what we know as the bible today. So here we will look to the stars one final time to hear it praise the story of our lord.

GEMINI-The Twins boys are depicted in this constellation, but in the ancient Denderah Zodiac of Egypt, it represents a man and a woman. Gemini was called “Pi-mah” in the Coptic language, meaning “the united”. This is reference of Jesus Christ and his Bride, the body of believers.  J.R. Church in Prophecy in the News goes on to state that “There are two stars, which mark the heads of the two people in Gemini — Castor and Pollux”.  In Acts 28:11, the Apostle Paul traveled on a ship, “whose sign was Castor and Pollux.” Castor means “ruler or judge” and Pollux means “who comes to suffer.”   

CANIS MAJOR-The Dog is depicted as a large dog and CANIS MINOR-The 2nd dog  as a small dog. They were both to be the hunting Dog of Orion but the real story isn’t hard to figure out. In actuality, Canis Major has a star named Sirius that means The Prince, while Canis Minor has a star in its system named Proycon, which means Redeemer. Our Prince and Our Redeemer who lives in the hearts of the Christian believer and freed us from the cellar of Sin is the one mentioned in those two constellations.   

LEPUS-The Hare is a corruption of its true meaning. Lepus is a Rabbit in that Constellation, but in the ancient Zodiac, it represented a serpent. There is a star named Arneb, in the Lepus system that means “the enemy of him who comes”.

CANCER-The Crab is a creature born of water. When it comes forth it sheds its skin and basically is reborn. Kenneth C. Fleming, in his book God’s Voice In The Stars says the word Cancer comes from a root word meaning “to hold or encircle.” For that reason, Fleming believes the constellation refers to an ancient eastern inn where the animals were kept for safety. In another ancient Zodiac the constellation was called Klaria, meaning cattlefolds. This is reference of the Resurrection and the Rapture. This constellation has many stars that hold up the fact that Cancer speaks of those two ideas. The star Tagmine in the Cancer constellation means “holding”, while Acubene means “sheltering or hiding place”.  MaAplh means “holding thousand”, while Himarean mean “lambs”. It’s the perfect picture of the Resurrection and Rapture.  

URSA MINOR-The Little Bear used to be a different symbol and represented a sheepfold. In its system is a star called Arcas, meaning “the stronghold of the saved”. Other stars in Ursa Minor system are Kochab, which means “waiting for the coming” and Alkaid which means “the assembled”.

URSA MAJOR-The Great Bear original meaning was “the assembled flock”.  This system has a star which named Dubeh which means “herd of flock”. This tells the same exact story that Ursa Minor speaks of.  ARGO-The Ship has a star named Canopus, meaning “the possession of him who comes”. Another star, Sephina, means” the multitude”, and they appear to represent the ship of our salvation.

LEO-The Lion is the same Lion spoken of in Revelation 5:5, who is the lion of Judah that has triumphed over it all.  

HYDRA-The Serpent is pictured as a serpent with many heads. It is a huge constellation extending approximately one-third the distance around the circle of the heavens. This is a reminder of Rev 12:4, when the serpent drew the third part of the stars of heaven.  

CRATER-The Cup is represented as the wrath poured upon Hydra. This is spoken of in Revelation 15 and 16, when the wrath of God is poured upon the kingdom of the lawless one.  

CORVUS-The Raven is a bird that is eating the flesh of Hydra. This is also the reminder of the birds of the air “that will gather for a feast at the battle of Armageddon and the great sacrifice the lord has in store on that dreadful day” (Ezekiel 39:17 and Revelation 19:21).  

There you have it: the Gospel in the Constellation, a story which was corrupted in the very beginning to hide its true importance to the world. Only can you see the ship that has assembled his flock for that day spoken of in the Bible? We look forward to The Day of the Lord where we will meet our Redeemer in the sky very soon.



  1. Kel says:

    This is such a beautiful theme. I am still left in great wonder when trying to under the power of these sayings.This is very encouraging for me as my relative is going through some challenging times

    I hope to conquer this battle. I will continue to campaign for the right cause.

    Thanks for the insiightful lessons.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Kel you are more than welcome. If there is anything I can do to help out with your situation please let me know. Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back and reply more often

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