Sorry for such a long delay on this. I have been very busy so please forgive me for not writing sooner. Now we come across CAPRICORN-the sea goat-and this constellation is based on a goat with a tail as a fish. To those of you who know the bible, this is a symbol of a sacrificial lamb with its body of believers. SAGITTA-the arrow, is next to Capricorn and this means the arrows of judgment on sin and the piercing of a lord spoken of in Psalm 38:2 – “When thine arrows fast in me, and hands presseth me sore”. AQUILA-the eagle, is the next constellation and has a star in its system called Al Okal,  which means wounded heel. This is the eagle spoken of in Exodus 19:4 – “How he bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself”. DELPHINUS-the dolphin, is a representation of the resurrection of Christ.

AQUARIUS-the water bearer, is a reminder in john 4:14 that “Whomever believes shall never thirst and that water would be a well of everlasting life”. Right next to Aquarius is a constellation named PISCUS AUSTRALIS-the Southern fish. What is amazing about this is the constellation Aquarius is seen pouring water over Piscus. This is a reminder of the body of believers in Christ who believe but never thirst. CYGNUS-the swan, is a constellation of a swan flying across the heaven but this forms a cross in the sky. This reminds me of the message that we as Christians must go to and fro, proclaiming the gospel of Christ on the cross.  PEGASUS-the winged horse is spoken of in Revelation 19 when Christ makes his triumphant return on earth. Still not convinced by that? There is a star called Markab in the Pegasus constellation, which means to return from afar.

PISCES-the fishes, is the constellation that has two fish bound together.  One is representing Israel, the other gentile Christianity. At one time Israel was the symbol of the fish. I can’t help but think of how the disciples went out into the world where they became fishers of men.  This reminds me of John 21 when Jesus asked the disciples if they caught any fish.  ANDROMEDA-the chained WOMAN depicts this constellation. She is bound by her ankles and wrist. Andromeda also means assembly, so put them together and you get a bound bride waiting for her groom to return. The bride is the Christian followers.  The next constellation is CEPHUS-the crowned king. The word cephus means a king and royal branch. The same branch is spoken of in Isaiah 11:1 – “There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots”.

TAURUS-the bull, is pictured in that constellation as coming furiously, but it represented a symbol of power and rule. J.R. Church in Prophecy in the News believes that this Taurus was the mythological unicorn. He goes on to say “Rimu is translated ‘unicorn’ in the King James Version of the Bible and was thought to be a mythological, one-horned creature. However, it was more likely a large wild ox.”  Numbers 23:22 mentions who this powerful Taurus was when he brought them out of Egypt with the strength of a unicorn (RIMU).  AURIGA-the shepard, is the constellation that sits on Taurus.  This is the Shepard spoken of in John 10:11 – “Of the Shepard that giveth his life for the sheep and Psalms 23:1-6 of the Shepard that is our lord”.  ORION-the glorious one, is pictured as a mighty hunter with a club in his right hand. Orion means coming forth as light (i.e. Jesus). ERIDANUS-the river of fire, is the coming judgment of the world that will occur when God will use fire to punish those who fail to heed his warning in Revelation 16:8-9. This is the fourth bowl wrath. Josephus also speaks of this judgment when he writes that Adam received a prophecy about two destructions falling upon earth, one was of water and the other is of fire. There was a true faith in the beginning and we still know it because it speaks of a King who is fast approaching and coming in great glory to enact vengeance on a sinful world that refuses to turn to his love. We are the Bride in Chains waiting for the thief of our hearts to snatch us away in the night.



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