The current state of Egypt has the country on the brink of Civil War. The president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi was ousted by a mass protest, asking him to step down. He was implemented during what was called the Arab spring, where one Arab country after another was toppled by the Muslim brotherhood who wanted to implement Sharia law. We could go into detail about the role the U.S. had in sticking their hand where it shouldn’t be, but I try to keep politics out of the picture. Instead we turn to the past during the time of Moses where God told him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Ramses refused and God sent ten plagues upon Egypt. They weren’t just any plagues. What every plague represented was an attack on each of Egypt’s Gods. Wrap your mind around that. It was an attack on the false gods that Egyptian people believed in during that time. The 1st plague was an attack on the Egyptian gods Khnum, Hapi, and Osiris. By turning the river to blood, God wanted to show how he could kill their false gods. The Egyptians believed that the blood belong to Osiris. The 2nd plague of frogs was an attack on the goddess Heqet, who was usually depicted as a woman with a frog’s head. The 3rd plague of gnats was an attack of Akhor, god of the earth. The 4th plague of flies was an attack on Kherpi, the scarab dung beetle god. Failure of the beetle to do its job showed the Egyptians that their god was useless. The 5th plague on livestock was an attack on the goddesses Apis and Hathor, who had a head of a cow. They provided food, clothing, and transportation. God destroying the cattle showed the goddesses had no power over the cattle. The 6th plague of boils was an attack on the gods Hike and Thator, who healed.  The 7th plague of hail attacked the various sky deities Shu, Tefnut and Nut, deities of air, moisture and sky, who controlled the weather. The 8th plague of locusts that destroyed crops showed the weakness of the gods of vegetation, agriculture and harvest, Geb and Seth. The 9th plague of darkness attacked the ultimate deity, the sun god Ra who provided heat and sun light. Finally, the 10th plague, the Death of the Firstborn, was an attack on the Pharaoh himself, who many Egyptians believed was the incarnation of the sun god Ra and Osiris. The Pharaoh had to uphold the laws of Ma’at who was the goddess of order, thus showing how powerless he was to prevent the death of his son and the firstborns of Egypt. Can you believe how amazing that is? Many of us believe that God was punishing the Egyptians and Pharaoh for disobeying him but God also attacked their worthless deities and showed them how utterly false they were compared to him. Why do you think some Egyptians left with the Israelites when Pharaoh finally let them go? They knew how real God was.

So why put this tidbit of information on here? I wanted to share an amazing story on the fall of Egypt before God and the coming prophecy in Isaiah 19. Through the years, God has used Egypt for an example and he plans on using Egypt again to show how awesome he is. He plans on opening Egypt’s heart and there is nothing the Egyptians can do about it. Be prepared, folks: you might see Egypt’s current prophecy fulfilled, probably in our lifetime. The Isaiah 19 prophecy feels like I am reading the current news and to me is not only scary, but exciting at the same time.

UP NEXT, PART 2: The current situation in Egypt and how Isaiah 19 looks frighteningly real on the horizon and the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood and its evil roots. 

  1. dcomeaux says:

    Joe, thank you for the backstory on the gods of Egypt. I had never thought about the parallelisms of the plagues with the Egyptian gods before. This was amazing. Neither did I realize Egypt had so many gods. The only one I knew about was Ra. Keep up your God-filled work in this area. This is very insightful. I appreciate it. When referring to God and using the pronoun “he,” make sure you write “He” not “he.” God bless. All for the glory of God.

    • joecruzmn says:

      You know my wife said the same thing about me not using the word He and instead of using he. My apologies and I didn’t realize I did it. Thank you for your comment and I will be more aware of how much I should show more respect for my god up high. God bless

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