The End Times’ Sleeping Christian

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So now that I wrote the first two of my blogs to kind of explain some things about what I want to accomplish with it, I want to share one more thing. This blog is going to try and challenge you and make you question things you never thought about. I promise there will be things in here that will literally make you question what is going on. Shall we begin?  

I have been obsessed with the end of times since I was a little kid. Before I became a Christian I read anything I could find about end times. I read Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and anything I felt talked about the end of humanity as we know it. It is said that when you become a Christian that God bestows a gift to you. What do I mean by this? It could be the way you are as a human being and your skill with the world. You may have a skill with the way you talk to people or you may have a skill with the way you present the bible. Case in point: my obsession with end times. I truly honestly feel that god has bestowed a gift to me to discern these times. I am not saying I am Nostradamus or some mystic. I am saying that God gave me a gift to see through the fog. Do I know when the world will experience the dreadful tribulation that will literally decimate all of humanity on earth? No, but God has left a trail to help you understand it. It is truly right before your eyes. All you have to do is look at the way the world is and you can tell how much the world hates god. How much it has rejected the love of Christ. Being politically correct is the norm. You are not allowed to think outside the box because if you do then you are an ignorant, closed minded, hateful person. I don’t need to go political for you to understand. What is wrong is right, and what is right is wrong. There is an effort underway to undermine the pillars of Christianity. So why is it that the Christians are falling asleep at the wheel? Why are we holding back? Why are we so afraid to share our faith? Don’t you understand that God has set you aside for a reason? Have you never felt you have a purpose or a reason? I know in your heart you want to do more for this world.  Wake up to the beating heart of God.

I sometimes will sit in my vehicle and look at people passing by me and wonder if they know Christ or not. Why didn’t I try reaching out to that person or say something? I go to sleep wondering if I did enough for God or not. Don’t some of you Christians feel the same way that I do? Don’t you feel like you should have done more? Please don’t be afraid to talk to people about Jesus Christ. You don’t know what kind of domino affect you might have on that person. In the end before you stand before God who will you be the sheep or goat (Matthew 25:33)? Were you the one who gave him something to eat, or something to drink? Were you the one who took the stranger in or when he was naked clothed him?  When he was sick did you take care of him or in prison did you visit him (Matthew 25:35-36). Don’t be afraid to be a seed planter to change the heart and minds of the people of this world. Once you became a Christian you basically became a steward and it’s a responsibility you must carry. Either you become the watchman who warns people and tried telling them of what is approaching or you become the watchman who never blows his horn to try to warn people of the danger ahead (Ezekiel 33:1-6). God makes it clear what happens to that person if they don’t blow the horn to warn people.

We as Christians have a responsibility that we must honor, a responsibility that carries over into the next life, for when you see our lord he will hug you and wipe the tears from your eyes and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

UP NEXT: We step into prophecy and the first topic will be Egypt and what role it has in end times. You might be shocked at what is going on now and what you thought of Egypt.


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