BOEING 777 HIJACKED MYSTERY: Did AWACS Escort 777 Plane, And Was Co-Pilot Of Missing Plane Able To Send Distress Signals. Is there A Conspiracy Of Epic Proportion Being Played Out

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UPDATED 3-19-2014 SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS    I would first like to apologize to my readers for a recent article I found on Infowars about the Navy hijacking the plane. They took an article down that I pasted from their website without  checking the source first. The source from the  article I pasted is not known to be reliable  and was the reason why Infowars took it down. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.  I will leave the story about the Awacs up since I found it to correlate with the strange mysterious radar blips concerning the missing plane. Please forgive me for any inconvenience I may have caused





JIM STONE FREE LANCE.COM: I believe the Malaysian airline theft is part of a larger story involving Ukraine and the staging of World War 3. That larger story will post right around 2pm CST.

I have no doubt that America intentionally stole Chinese engineers and technology via the theft of flight 370 as a precursor to World War 3. And I think the U.S. was in Ukraine to secure that territory as a precursor as well, and Russia did not play as nice as the cabal thought they would. But the theft of flight 370 indicates to me that they are going to proceed as planned, with whatever they have. I am going to drop everything at once when this report goes up.

Take a look at this cute little Iframe. This was so good I embedded it. FLIGHT 370 WAS SPOTTED BY RESIDENTS OF THE MALDIVES ISLANDS ON THE WAY TO DIEGO GARCIA READ MORE:


DAILY MAIL ONLINE:  Investigators hunting the missing Malaysia Airlines plane yesterday revealed it was the co-pilot who spoke the last words to ground controllers before it vanished.

First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, calmly said ‘All right, good night’ shortly before Flight MH370 vanished ten days ago.

The cockpit sign-off to air traffic controllers — not the recognised radio drill — came at 1.19am on March 8 as the jet left Malaysian airspace on a routine journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Around a minute later, the Boeing 777-200’s transponder, which sends out a signal to radar stations, was switched off — making the jet disappear.

Officials are considering if the unusual sign-off was a secret signal that there was something wrong on the flight deck READ MORE:  



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  1. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    lone nuts are not so random after all…besides, if you have nothing to hide, why hide it???
    I recorded the HOUSE hearing today on the “all of a sudden/out of nowhere” supposed “expected”
    laspe in WH security…there is no doubt in my mind that there is MUCH, MUCH more to this WH
    security breach and breakdown than meets the eye….like some sick “ploy”, and just like a rat or mouse in an “experiment” this mouse was let loose to give a very strong message…just like a mouse in a lab, the steps taken by this “WH Mouse” were just as measured by, as those who know and
    and are familar with the designs of the WH maze of security…HOW ELSE TO EXPLAIN HOW
    THIS “MOUSE”, a true and literally a lab rat/guinea pig (!) most assuredly a mind-comtrol type
    zombie/ zoned out on “SOME THIRD PARTY” induced “drugs” and mind-altering behavior….
    got as far as he did, —by sheer coincidence and a random lapes & unexpected “breakdown” ???
    If you think this is so far out and “out there”, I strongly urge you and suggest,,,NO (!) require you to do a search on the following terms: 1) MK-Ultra, Operation Artichoke, Operation Blue Beard,
    Books: Operation Mind Control, The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, The Control Of Candy
    Jones..and others, including gov. reports..It is my opinion that this “horror” was never really shut down…only moved, like a traveling con-game, a very sick type of floating crap game….for specific “indicators” /similarities search “THOMAS ARTHUR VALLEE, GARY HEIDNIK, John Hinckley & his very un-coincidental “twin” Mark David Chapman…when President Reagan was shot, I very much remember reading the comments of a NYC police officer/official voicing the odd & eerie similarities
    between Hinckley & Chapman…”it’s almost like somebody out there is building these guys”… a close parphrase but the thought & the intent is more than enough to bolster my proposition/ perspective…. need I say more…??? a very spherical/elliptical NON-random world and reality…not a two dimensional, flat/ lone nut, coincidence world or reality…In which world do you want or wish to live?
    comments welcome here !!!
    bye for now….
    from: david t. krall

  2. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    from all “indications and nuances a type of “encirclement” is taking place aroung/against (?) the President to force his hand in Syria…from my prior post/messages I pointed this out as an “inside”
    full court press to “heat things up in Syria/Iraq…The WH House “intruder” “STORY” is a part of this
    pressure-tactic…when you see and hear insiders who just have happened to be top CIA AND (!)
    DOD/Pentagon officials first slam the President and then BOTH (!) the President AND Vice President, as very obviously demonstrated today (just one example) on CNN specifically this morning during a CNN interview with Leon Panetta, “SOMETHING” is going on behind the scenes!!! I I was aghast when he very, very bluntly slammed, yes slammed BOTH the President AND Vice President within same breadth andf sentence, and this is how he closed out the interview, in this way, manner and tone !!! A chilling warning to jump on the war-train?… a powerful locomotive-train more like a large “snowball” ,or avalanche gaining power, size and speed moving /speeding downhill, ….gaining momentum as well, “get on or get out of the way…but DON”T GET IN THE WAY or SLOW US DOWN !!!….late 1963–1964 all over again…this time not in CUBA, NOT IN SE ASIA BUT IN SYRIA/IRAQ….
    CNN tonight at 9PM is airing a so-called news show/special on the “disappearance” of FLIGHT 370…
    don’t expect anything new…it will be repeated later as well….
    ISIS is being “herded”…as I said It is a CIA//DOD/SAUDI/SUNNI creation and proxy army…
    Joe Biden “almost” “spilled the beans” last week about such things in a speech at Harvard…
    I can only Imagine the Pressures JFK was under (e.g. CUBA/SE ASIA) that are also now
    and similarly aligning and being positioned now towards and at BHO, The present WH occupant…
    all that supposed bombing runs and strikes and today CNN, it was announced that 29 ISIS soldiers were killed…how did they arrive at such a LARGE and exact number????? let’s see, if a bombing strike or bombing run by similar forces, with similar power really did what is to have supposed killed 29 ISIS “soldiers”…then how is much, true, genuine & real damage, carnage and death would have occurred and taken place if such an action, a bombing strike took place on/in your own neighborhood or even near it !!! 100′s if not 1000′s would be killed and the damage would be horrendous and ugly…a real slaughter & decimation…but we killed 29, yes 29 (!) members ISIS..CNN is a mouthpiece…AND SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE…AGAIN !!!
    bye for now…
    from: david t. krall

  3. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    just a few insights: first, The “special” on CNN regarding “Flight 370″ is a joke…more like tabloid
    journalism which I will later elaborate on…..
    –regarding ISIS, the present/current KNOWN CIA/DOD/Saudi-Sunni regional-mid east proxy army…
    the fixation on the ID of one of the executioners does not tell me or you anything about ISIS or its
    origins or sources or TRUE face…the fixation is being used as a ploy to distract thru some kind of mass-media psychological “distraction” as if to turn or “burn” the image in our minds like a poster child this unknown dreaded executioner that “you, YES YOU, out there are next…!” now that is a devious and cleaver psy-op ploy or tactic to embed or “imprint” or implant mentally WITHOUT REALLY KNOWING OE EVEN KNOWING THE MAN, LITERALLY BEHIND THE MASK….even if the ridiculous premise is taken to even attempt to ID of this “talking masked executioner”…so what…!!!
    are we really going to now his true name. origin or background??? my “gut-reaction” and
    suspicion is that his true ID and origin is that, based on his actions,tone etc. and what & HOW ISIS is acting and behaving, is that of a trained & experienced paramilitary counter-insurgency/
    and pacification/”counter-terrorism” expert, one of many, other words a trained killer, probably Saudi or Jordanian, maybe Kuwati…a product of CIA/SAUDI/PENTAGON INTELLIGENCE…this is the real deal…the real coalition and its face or masked face here…a nazi/fascist type of backed coalition to bolster what is never talked about: US backed super rich/wealthy, untra-autocrtatic/ mega-plutocratic, anti-democratic despotic regimes ( that far exceed any dictatorship in Asia or Latin America during the cold war) who care little about their people and the major divide, disparity and demarcation of freedom, and wealth…true wealth…not just the show, false displays (like in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia) and superficial beauty…before and during WW2 these middle eastern elites had been basically negotiated with and bargained with/ bought off not to side with Nazi Germany, with whom they shared much empathy and mutual respect…a lot of Rockefeller and similar money sources kept these regions from being overt German allies before & during WW2 !!!
    Hitler and The Nazis badly needed and wanted access to all that oil BUT– John McCloy, Allen & John Foster Dulles, & others to the rescue !!! all that talk, more like CIA propaganda supposedly from ISIS about ” Western Corruption” & “rising up against the West”, etc..sounds a lot like & eerily similar to phoney1930′s & 1940′s fascist Japanese propaganda and the unsuccessful /PR campaign by Japanese militarists/fascists to form in Asia under Japanese corporate/military rule, a Pan-Asian,Anti-Colonial, anti-American/anti-Western pro-Japanese union before and during WW2 throughout Japanese military, bus. & Intelligence controlled areas and those in sympathy with those aims and agenda…
    Turkey is being pressured NOT to “help” by certain sectors the refugees, and/or bomb ISIS.
    This pressure & and “advice” I suspect is from CIA/NATO hawks/neo-cons, possibly behind the president’s back…telling Turkey, for now “to hold back” no matter or regardless of the pain or price or those refugees fleeing from the CIA/DOD/SAUDI terror-trained cadre/militia knows as ISIS…
    this “action”, OR INACTION, no doubt (!) is very uncoincidenty helping ISIS…are people stupid
    and can’t see this and from where the source of the strings are being pulled and moved???
    and if you believe it is not not by design, I have some real-estate by the Turkish boarder I’d like you to buy !!! Just to give you, the reader an idea and just one example of the duplicitous mind-set and behaviour of what I have attempted to convey and share:
    after WW2 and as a spin-off of “Operation Ohio” our dear CIA & Pentagon Chiefs formed a plan
    and operation called, I recall as “Operation Red Cap/Red Sox” , part of the plan was to have agents and assets behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe start a “wave of dissension” against Russian and/or Communist repression (which certainly did exist-no doubt!). This “wave”, this early short-lived
    Eastern European/ post WW2 “SPRING”( that sounds familiar?!) started out in East Germany, then
    Poland and really grew and spread in Hungary…pro-western movements sprouted throughout
    Hungary… it was only a matter of time before the Russians/Soviets would act and respond or would
    feel the need or compelled to respond to this situation. People in Hungary were rising up against
    the, then, Soviet presence in Hungary…the fire of democracy was lit…or you would think so…
    the Russians soon “stepped in” to, what they felt was “restoring order” in their “sphere of influence”.
    And the world condemned them…this “Spring” was lit, activated and ignited by CIA/DOD officials,
    knowing President Eisenhower could never and would never send troops into Eastern Europe
    (perhaps after the “loss” of Vietnam in 1954-”they” may have wished or thought so?) to “liberate” a country from the USSR…that would have been insane…and everybody knew it !!!! THE ONLY INTENT OF FEEDING, FLAMING AND SPREADING THE “WAVE” DEMOCRACY IN HUNGARY WAS ALL ABOUT MAKING THE SOVIETS LOOK BAD, EVIL, UGLY…IT WAS NEVER ABOUT DEMOCRACY BECAUSE THE INTENT & PURPOSE OF THIS PART OF “OPERATION RED SOX/RED CAP” WAS TO USE A FALSE FLAG OF —USING THE IDEA OF FREEDOM, NO MORE
    of duplicitous and manipulative legacy and behaviour…
    bye for now…comments here welcome…
    from: david t. krall

  4. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    have you heard the latest? 1) the FBI is actually trying to find out the ID of that masked ISIS warrior…and are accepting leads and tips (sorry but I have to pause for busting out laughing)
    any & all leads…”ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS”…Totally ridiculous and absurd…even a former FBI agent & the host/anchor on CNN this morning thought it odd and pointed out what I suspected…that his voice may not even be real and perhaps modulated or audio-wise disguised,
    & if anything he sounds as if he is middle-eastern, with a broken or trained American accent…
    I suggest one of two options:
    1) go thru every episode of every TV sitcom and soap-opera ever aired, not just in North America,
    …might be the Sweat-hogs and Mr. Kotter, and don’t forget the principle…or the Lone Ranger !!!
    maybe Eddie Haskel or perhaps Batman… or the Green Hornet…or one of their arch vilains…
    2) or more appropriately and astutely, drive over, unannounced to both the CIA and and the Pentagon, if your bosses will let you (!) and strongly inquirer and demand his ID…I have no doubt
    they know and have files on him and his many cohorts and ilk, as well as their handlers/advisers
    and while you out there at both places…question them about any reports/conclusions on the
    “disappearance” of FLIGHT 370…I’m sure they have a whole lot on that, BUT don’t expect
    an answer or any files to see, at least without any files being censored, redacted, and much white-out and/or black magic-marker used on them…silence is golden, “speaks” volumes and can be deafening, and can be quite revealing…
    from: david t. krall

  5. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    first let me state, what I attempted to demonstrate several months ago…that the “all of a sudden”
    button or switch is not so sudden or unexpected in regards to events (“deep” events) like the
    supposed “disappearance” of Flight 370 or the “creation”, gestation and growth/spread of ISIS…

    As I pointed out in many prior, several posts/ is impossible to accept the feasibility,
    rationality, credibility, plausibility and explanation of a modern jet, a current/top notch/state of the art airliner, in a modern technological age, in a cold-war, post-cold -war, and.or especially in a post-9/11 world and reality “wandering off” above a busy air-port, being tracked and communicated with, “all of
    sudden” becoming “untracked”, “unseen & unheard” then proceeding for over 1000-plus
    miles and several hours as if, (actually NO IF {!} ) taking on all the prerequisites of a broken-arrow or a guided (or in this supposed case-unguided) missile or ICBM, all the while with every conceivable and conventional procedural requirements, protocol and regulations involving flight control, flight path, communications and navigation being “suspended”, broken, vlolated and even now not even recognized by major media outlets….the same media whose brains (and back-bones) are the very
    things that are , at least figuratively, at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, AND NOT FLIGHT 370…
    a major communications and navigational “breakdown”, “to-AND (!) fro”…a “freeze”… a real /actual LITERAL “suspension” by intent, planning and design took place in accordance with some type of mega/major national security concerns and needs being addressed and recognized within the frame work of a covert /counter or “anti-terrorism” operation and the disappearance under or within the paradigm of an “exercise” or drill “mechanism” to have some of the nec/required parties on the ground “not in the loop” “going along” with the “op”.or enterprise ..a “guise within a guise” to assure the total and complete suspension of communications and navigation and giving the sheer “density”
    and yes (!) audacity of a false “happenstance” or “bewildering” or inexplicable” “disappearance”. being imbeded within and from the media and media assets to the general public….in other words, a covert hijacking or taking by a very sophisticated and knowledgeable network with the prerequisite hi-level skills, knowledge & expertise, with hard core -training & discipline to carry out a corrupt “drill” or exercise or under the cover of such a drill all the while acting out or bring to fruition a sophisticated but very intentional covert “anti”-terror /”counter-terror operation under the mantle/ or cover of the “war on terror”…in my research, I have come across information that has ( at last to me) major bearing on the real “disappearance” of Flight 370…I implore and urge anyone with the slightest bit of concern, curiosity or humanity to look up the following terms, names and topics that I hope
    will at least open up new perspectives to enlighten “other views” or “new ones” about the world
    LIVES, NOT 50 or 100 YEARS FROM NOW…I use “7pdf” as a search and I plug in or
    enter any type of words/terms or topics…The following sources, terms and topics
    should help enhance a persons perspectives”:
    -The Tinner Brothers
    -ISIS (not that “ISIS” ! , this is -The Institute For Science & International Security–tons of data/ report congressional reports and hearings, and how Malaysia is an active “jumping point” (one of many) regarding major drug/weapons and components/parts/uranium processing parts and tools, etc
    for “invisible shipments”, transfers and covert “movement” of such items and materials…
    e.g. perhaps along the lines of the following report, “Case Study-Chinese National Sought High
    Strength Carbon Fiber For China” is what mitigated, perhaps involving simlilar “circiumstances”
    regarding Flight 370…
    -Investigator/researcher/journalist David Albright
    -”CIA Recruitment of the Tinner Brothers”
    -”Scomi Precision Engineering”
    -”Peddling Terror” by David Albright
    -”excerpt from the statement of Sayed Abu Tahir Bin Bukhary, Managing Director of SMB Group of
    companies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

    I was always of the suspicion early on ,that certain security topics/matters/concerns, “treaties” were
    “under discussion” between The US and Malaysia and of major needs that needed to be addressed
    by the US and while the taking of Flight 370 was of a very specific nature/ and goal oriented /specific agenda /op and that “370″ was counter intelligence/ anti-terror “target” the end result and by product/end-game culminated in some type of “agreement” similar to an old gangster movie where the “bad guys” act like the good guys and “muscle-in” on, hi-jack & intercept a very large liquor shipment destined for a major night club and the ensuing visit and “meeting” by the thugs with the night-club owner is to let him know he is ‘safer” now and inside and outside “security’ will now “protect” him…”Give him an offer he can’t refuse”….

    today a great/awesome interview on Sophie & Co/ RT regarding ISIS…FBI wistle-blower Sibel
    Edmunds confirms what I have pieced together months ago…she states that ISIS a
    product of CIA/NATO/SUNNI sectors & has always received arms and training from NATO
    supply “houses” and depots in Turkey (& other places”) also over the weekend a mind-blowing interview with Larry Doyle on Boom & Bust/ RT regarding very highl-level fraud and corruption.
    (Enron, Goldman-Sachs, Chase-Manhatten, etc.) book is titled “In Bed With Wall Street”
    and appears to be a great bookend to “All The President’s Banker’s”.

    one final though for now, before I “leave”…if you think that the WH “intruder” was a coincidence
    on massive scale, I have three words that may “open” your eyes…”Thomas Author Vallee”..
    next time…neo-cons vs BHO & his WH…
    bye for now…
    from: david t. krall

  6. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    re prior post, should read as “Thomas Arthur Vallee”…sorry !
    see also, Gary Heidnik, Donald Wayne House, Lee Oswald, Robert Edward Webster,
    MK-Ultra, CIA/Military “experiments”, & false defector program which is interestingly similar to
    the Bergdahl “story”…
    in my readings I came across some intriguing info that the CIA/DOD records on Gary Heidnik’s
    “where-abouts” while in the military and during the time of his “experiments” are classified
    and WHEN WOULD THAT BE? you ask??? 1963 !!!! from late 1962 to most of ’63 or near the
    beginning of 1964….another coincidence…his lawyer, who I once met and spoke with, informed me
    that he, the lawyer “hit a stone wall” regarding Heidnik’s CIA/DOD records and was subtly “advised”
    to back off, at the time,,,this was in the mid to late 1980′s….another coincidence…one big flat,
    two dimensional world where modern airliners “fly-off the edge”, inexplicable, random events….
    bye for now….
    from: david t. krall

  7. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    a few point to ponder…on international TV today, it was reported that the present PM of Australia
    made a comment how he would like to “confront” (Russian) President Putin regarding the
    “shoot-down” of a Malaysian Airliner over the Ukraine last summer…well, well…Mr. Prime Minister
    lets “backtrack” a little here…most people may not realize it or know it…BUT you certainly do (!)
    that one of the sophisticated radar/tracking/missile guidance/early-warning-defense/satellite systems
    in the world, and I can safely assume its been updated, was built jointly by US and Australian
    defense bus/military/intelligence sectors in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s…it was/is considered
    as one of the largest and most powerful ( & at the time of its construction and installation)
    in the world,, certainly in the southern hemisphere, as a cold war instrument of monitoring, “watching” and “listening” to what the USSR/Russia and Red/P.R. Of China were and are
    “up to”…so big and of such use and of such influence that is was the major focus of debate and
    discussion among both the Australian public and politicians in at least 2 major PM/presidential
    “down under” in the late 1970′s/early to mid 1980′s…now it seems apparent in not blatantly obvious that with 2 airliners from same country that became the brunt, and on the receiving end of tragedy
    and…yes continued debate and mystery within what 4 or 5 months, that “someone”… some entity
    or network is not too happy with the proclivities/behavior of either or both Malaysian Airlines and
    The Malaysian Government….now MR. Prime Minister, I ask you, I would even be glad to challenge you to a debate…how it is that in a 9/11 “reality”, a digital, current post 9/11 reality/world, even more
    digital / technological than in the cold war and after 9/11/01 that a plane, a state of the art airliner
    no less (!) that was acknowledged to have gone “dark” and “quite”…off course, lost and headed SUPPOSEDLY south in your country’s direction (your “systems” could NOT (!) have missed it) for SEVERAL 1000-PLUS MILES AND FOR SEVERAL HOURS no less ! and is to have NOT (?) been picked up/ spotted/tracked/noticed? . such a large object with such, at least in appearance, form and manner showing AND displayng dubious and odd, unconventional, erratic behavior, and, in fact, that was known for a significant time-frame “as missing”… and off course “somewhere” and headed south…in “your” direction. Please explain this Mr. Prime Minister. Please explain how and why this could happen? or not happen? Thank you….and before you decide to “get in Mr. Putin’s face”
    you need to come clean about Flight 370… and was this comment a subconscious “refex” as if “no not me, he did it…I mean the 2nd one”…funny, all the evidence there points to pro-western,
    non-separatists…why would pro-Russian separatists shoot down a plane over their own area
    with Putin near the same flight path and with 100′s and prior in the 1000′s fleeing and moving
    EAST away from the goons and chocolate king/CIA-neo-con backed President, and now numbering about or over 200,000 refugees who have fled the Ukraine in a eastward direction?…but then again, what did Sen Feinstein know only a monh or so after the supposed “disappearance” of Flight 370 when she appeared on CNN’s Candy Crawley’s show, which I like and I am glad I recorded this when Sen. Feinstei appeared…she said, and this is the head of the Sen Intelligence Oversight Committee (!) when she was asked what she knew, if anything about the missing flight 370, she never raised he hands over or on the table, looked extremely nervous and anxious and said, “it is not
    our job to investigate airline crashes”…uhm… I thought is was just “missing”..who’s cover story
    was she reading??? besides this one glaring odd comment, which was cold to say the least !
    she appeared very closed mouthed and tongue-tied and when again asked by Candy Crawly what,, if anything she knew or could share, it was as if she wanted to, but, when she replied it was as if in a riddle…as if to say, ” figure it out by what I’m NOT saying + what I am saying.& “how” I’m “saying it”..this may have been the reason for her appearance…perhaps to cover herself if “the XXXX ever hit the fan” about what really happened to Flight 370, as perhaps/ possibly expressed to her in closed /classified sessions?????
    like the cold war, the (supposed) “war” on terror has been corrupted and at times compromised by very powerful interests with hidden and not so hidden agendas that superficially seem paradoxical, and problematic, but when looking a little deeper and “under the rug” it all seems to fit like an equation, with a definite solution, where the variables
    are solved and the constants all fit like a puzzle in a calculus configuration with a particular
    agenda as the answer or solution….
    bye for now…I just had to share this about the Australian PM, as soon as I saw and heard it.
    wanted to share this…
    from: david t. krall

  8. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    With all that is occuring in the world and always has, as we live our lives day to day. it is as if we are so close to events “on our door step” that we fail to notice or even “take a breadth” to contemplate
    what is happening right under our noses. Never mind and pay no attention to those who scoof and smirk about the use of “under that table” manipulations, high crimes and “deep” or what I prefer
    to call “political tectonic” events, where or while on the surface most major events however tragic, unexpected and horrific and appear random-like are in reality nothing of the sort and just the opposite. Whether a downed spy plane, the death of a president, the deaths of other social, civil and political
    leaders and spokesman and spokeswomen, the rise and fall of other presidents, scandals,
    questionable foreign wars, political and financial intrigue, hi-level back-stabbing and blood-letting,
    a “missing” airliner, new “enemies” and more foreign wars and the true agendas of both the “wars”
    on terror (what ever that means—if its against ISIS, it proves its a fraud) and and on drugs…
    How many people know of the motion picture currently out theaters, “Kill The Messanger”, about
    Gary Webb who wrote a great book and many articles about the CIA/Crack-Cocaine connections during the Reagan/Bush years (…don’t assume it stopped !)…The book, “Dark Alliance”
    is just one of many great books detailing hi-level and “deep” crimes in the name of national security.
    Others are Pete Brewton’s, “The CIA, The Mafia and George Bush”, “The Great Heroin Coup”
    by Henrik Kruger, “In Bank We Trust”, Penny Lernoux, “The Politics of Heroin In SE Asia” ( related books by McCoy), “The Secret Team”, Fletcher Prouty, “The Armies of Ignorance”, Willam Corson,
    “The Crimes of Patriots”, Jonathon Kwitney.& numerous other excellent works. Men like Bo Gritz, Barry Seal, John Stockwell, Fletcher Prouty, William Corson, and many, many others were part of levels of power, connetions and mechamisms of such “reach” and power are not figmnets of some needy, delusional or misguided imagination or dysfunctional obsession. I suggest anyone and everyone to read about and research Military officer Smedley Butler, who even before the the cold war wrote and spoke of hi-level corruption. sedition and greed among and within elite circles. Both the Nazis and The Marxists used democracy, republican democracy to destroy it from within and “next” to it, within each of their respective social /political establishments. Gradually, slowly and with methodical planning and discipline. Anyone who actually scoops and mocks the whole issue of conspiracy is relinquishing, betraying/exposing a lack of both common sense and knowledge of history. Delusional paranoia and hate based on some misguided religious, ethnic, cultural or racial agenda should not be excused or mistaken for stupidity or lack of criminally ambitious agendas…Hitler, Stalin and Mao may have been crazy BUT not stupid or lacking in ambition or diabolical cleaverness. The same type of cleaverness, in more discreet and “closer to home” sectors in US corporate and org. crime circles has certainly existed will always persist and respond, react to and “compete” with Nazis, Marxist, State-controlled “capitalism” as now in China, present Russian and MOST CERTAINLY THE BRICS !!! Keep in mind the whole objective mind set, meaning and rationale of the term conspiracy is a major componet and cannon of criminal law and criminal investigation…

    Within every gov. at one time or another a “split” or “parting of the ways” erupts and usually ends in some war, invasion or a coup/assassination or behind the scenes “struggle” within the epi-center” or core of an established government of order, The Gracci Brothers, The split of two Roman Triumvirates, The Assassination of Julius Caesar and the similar fate of many successive Roman Emperors. Strangely, either by modern historians like Gibbons or writers from antiquity very little mention if at all, is made of lone nuts or confused loners wanting to “make their mark on history”…Hilter and his core Nazis vs Rohm and his Nazis/SA group, Stalin vs Trotsky, the many plots to kill Hitler, especially 7/20/44, (a “mirror” of 11/22/63) and the many murders and assassinations that took place to ensure the rise and rule of Nazis, Japanese Militarists, and The Stalinist wing in the USSR…and lets not forget the planning and details of 12/7/41…
    I suggest to anyone who mocks the concept of “big conspiracies” to read about the rule and yoke of Nazisim and Stalinism, The Final Solution, The Gulag, SS/Ghestapo and NKVD/KGB Crimes, ;labor and death camps and terror used in a large systemic and systematic fashion as state policy and state sponsored terror and death. I am sure the many people who lost relatives under the boot
    of Hitler or Stalin would be a common-sense reminder of a non-coincidental reality….Sadat, Aquino
    Diem, Allende, among others were not random/coincidental removals…
    During the rise of the cold war, and after WW2 a huge, HUGE (!) conglomerate and amalgamation of orbiting interests grew, gestated and spread with tentacle-like nerves and grew to influence and ally with both monsterous “past” domestic and foreign enemies, Fascists/Nazis and Organized Crime sectors is a new “war”, The Cold War against The USSR, the PRC and later Marxist Cuba, Chile and North Vietnam, among other countries. One of the few and little noticed by-products, more like a consequence, was during the late 1940′s and during the 1950′s several “commissions” were formed whose function was to “help manage” the Cold War, and to determine how to “compete” and “do battle” with the USSR and PRC. One of the most obnoxious, haunting and self-defeating recommendations ever made from a mid-1950′s commission urged & implored, that to deal with the USSR and PRC that the United States must be not only just as treacherous, decetiful and underhanded as the USSR/PRC, BUT EVEN MORE SO ! This is the mentality that has spawned and fueled, with many a fake pretexts since, foreign wars, “incursions” invasions, bombings, false-flag ops, numerous assassinations around the world and in the USA and not just the kind of “quick-kills” like on 11/22/63 but events like Watergate, Briefing Book/October Surprise Plot and it’s “follow-up” Iran-Contra, CIA /DOD/Corp Corruption related bankng scandals like the S&L, Castle Bank, Nugan Hand Bank, The Riggs Bank, BCCI, The “Disappearance” of Flight 370 and The true creation, origins, nature and function of ISIS. another CIA/DOD trained cadre/militia as much as any prior Latin-American and/or SE cadre trained and “recruited” for war and terror…this is the legacy, albeit a brief one, a background of what BHO and his closest/trusted aides in the WH are dealing with and now have to deal with, after “being sold” a pack of lies, in a deceitful and deliberate manner about using radical jihadist…Cuba and/or SE Asia all over again…and just like JFK, BHO is being “pushed & pulled” and “encircled by hawks and neo-cons & their corp allies….but is staying cool and trying to weave thru the BS and “stay in the driver’s seat”.
    next…very specific nuances and “clues” as to what and how this is happening to BHO…I did advise him in a prior post, a while ago, “TO WAKE UP!”….
    bye for now…
    david t, krall

  9. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Well I’m not surprised at the convergence of today’s events regarding both of the NEW WH
    jumper and intruder and the terrror intrigue in Ottawa, Canada.

    To me another WH jumper is indiciitive of “somebody” trying to “jump”, or at least give the deliberate message of “a warning jump” towards the present WH occupant, whom I nave deciphered is not a “go to “war” kind of leader or President. As I said prior, it was most illuminating, telling & revealing last summer, with neo-cons and CIA/DOD hawks frothing at the mouth and with
    lack of a better term, phallic excitement, ready to wage war in the middle east and indirectly, at least at first against Russia who is Assad’s major ally, It was Putin who talked Obama out of war then. Sadly, he could not convince him that there is no such thing as a moderate zealot, as that
    is a misnomer and an oxymoron. The sheer existence, creation formulation, funding and sponsoring of a group such as ISIS is not anything new within the paradigm of CIA/DOD militias,
    cadres, and terror proxy armies. History has shown this “face” and its proclivities before:
    Operation Ohio, Operations Zapata (Cuba-Bay of Pigs), Mongoose, JM Wave, ZRRifle, Guatemala, Contras & US spec. ops regarding ElSalvador & Nicaragua, Chile, Iran, Vietnam,
    Cambodia, and yes in places like Dallas, TX on 11/22/63 and other cities and movements with
    ‘some what less volume” against other presidents. and yes, the “disappearance” of Flight 370
    and lots of other places around the world. Within the past several weeks numerous
    heavy, and I mean HEAVY HITTERS (!) have appeared on morning and Sunday morning news shows, in a very unprecedented and yet very deliberate fashion attacking and chastising the
    current president of the United States. The 3 who stand out are:1) a former sec of state, former
    WH chief of staff, former RNC Chairman, negotioator and spokesman ( a real legal “gunslinger”)
    for (very unsurprisingly) Bush 2000 campaign during the election crises; 2) a former DOD Sec., &
    former CIA Chiif, former dpty CIA chief as well (with numerous years in the intelligence/CIA “world” & and undoubtedly close to Baker, via Bush I & Bush 2); 3) also a fomer CIA Chief and DOD Sec. also (!). When these 3 men can go on TV and question the leadership and consequences of such “leadership” and his, the President’s ability, to properly lead this country and keep it safe. And This being said, in very blunt and rebuking tones and manner on National TV, now just imagine what is being said, with, less guarded and more direct and more candid words and thoughts being voiced behind closed doors within conferences, over drinks and on park benches, in limos, and on golf courses with legal, bus./banking/oil/steel & governmental (Intelligence/defense). “friends” and associates !!!
    Men like Jim Baker, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta are part of and represent, with many others, the “FACE” and “REACH” of the real ‘power grid” and intricate pipeline crossing over, within and between the convergence of “private” and government interests and sectors/enclaves.
    Such a “face” & “reach” can make or “break” countries, Prime Ministers, other business rivals or
    interests (e.g. Enrico Mattei {1962} or mega oil executive deMargerie {a few days a ago}) or even
    US Presidents who “stray” or are reluctant to follow a presumed path or agenda set or “arranged”
    outside, parallel to or “next to” the presidents (this or any president, but as of now, this very
    specific and current/relevant President) desired and stated agenda, policies and goals, as he sees
    best as being in the best and true interests of the country. Such “reach” within the “powergrid” and inticate “pipeplne” has tentacles within finance, media & communications, national security (DOD, CIA, NSA, NRO, FBI, DHS, ATF and THE SECRET SERVICE AND WH POLICE, state & local police), commerce & trade, etc. This not some wide-eyed, wild “conspiracy theory” . This is how this and other government and intra-parallel/related business interests function and operate, be it in 2014, 1963, 43 BC or even in Germany before and during the Nazi reign. $$$, high finance, natural resources and power…this is the true and very uncoincidence/non-coincdence, non-random, “way of the world”…most of the time things…events do not “just happen”… like the “accidental” delivery and “drop” by US forces of arms and weapons to ISIS…the real accident is that we (you and I) heard about it ! somebody “messed-up” and slipped up, on the usual time and place, and the Kurds probably (or the Turkish gov snapping back at US pressures?) alerted members of the international press. This was NO accident…the “accident” was that we actually heard about it due to some “error” between ISIS and their CIA/Saudi sponsors….next “terror” in Ottawa..what I watched, saw and recorded….before I leave for now…one final thought…the Ottawa terror outbreak, we have heard and have been told, will not push or force Canada out of the US led coalition…well one thing is for sure, someone made sure they stayed in and planted (or re-planted) Canada’s position very securely !!!
    bye for now…
    from: david t. krall

  10. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    regarding the “emerging” ebola crises.I would like to salute any and all of the congressmen
    and congress women who have to guts to question the efficacy, veracity and genuine function
    of naming, Mr Klain by the President (& who suggested this name to him anyway???) of an ebola “czar” who is nothing more than a fixer, legal “plumber” and political operative and enabler who’s agenda will be to “manage” and politicize” and screen what the public will know, see and hear. I have just one queation, actually 2; a) where did he learn to show that creepy “half-smile” like a poker player or worse?! half grimace/half smile…a self-taught calculated look to induce some nuance or feeling or non-feeling??? can’t tell since he was a no-show at this morning’s house/rep hearing on ebola, in spite of him being requested to attend and being invited. This no-show/silence, unseen/unheard “czar” should tell all of those who have, at least a-half of brain, that “something” is going on behind the scense as well as the agenda and plans to react to it, this ebola crises, which leads me to the next question: “CZAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU!? Officers Twitty, Muldoon and Klain,… CZAR 54 Where Are You?”. perhaps getting your briefings at Fort Dietrick, MD???
    This “virus” is already being handled, “managed” & projected in a significantly contradictory manner. On one hand we (you & I) are being told “all is ok, you have nothing to worry about…
    it, ebola, is extremely hard and difficult to catch….only thru direct contact…” etc. BUT
    then why the HAZMAT SUITS, the tracking down of and investigating of ANY and ALL contacts,
    associates, friends, family members, travels (planes, buses, cabs, public transit, restaurants, etc???) just make sure we are told…well these actions are not being taken on the assumption and proposition of others NOT (!) being infected, are they??? casual contact is a very casual phrase and can connotate just about all forms of behavior. But when I watch and see 1) an email on CNN
    being shown from a rep of or from/ of NYC transit company giving us a brief idea that when some major outbreak or infectious crises occurs, that specific transit car, cab or bus is taken of the tracks
    or streets immediately, isolated, stripped and sanitized and sterilized in the necessary and required manners and procedures…now if the Mayor of NYC really wanted to impress us, and I’m assuming that particular train/elevated train car is really off the tracks (and if not why not???!!!) he should go and stand in it, sit in it with the windows closed for about 20 mins or so (?) and touch and hold on and grab a rail or bar!!! and while he’s at it, find the cab used by that idiotic/dopey Dr. and have it take him to the restaurant where that supposedly bright Dr ate and not use his Mayoral Limo..maybe after, Mr Mayor would like to go bowling??? at he same ally as the fine Doctor…or was it Dr. Fine as in Larry Fine of the 3 stooges?.now what I saw this morning was a still photo, a photo op actually of the NYC Mayor, standing & looking somewhat nervous, holding on to a (hot?) cup of coffee… didn’t see the other hand holding onto a rail or bar, but who, especially a mayor holds while standing and drinks a hot cup of coffee of a crowded/speeding transit car, (during rush hour no less !)??? If this doctor is such hero, have a special dinner at city hall for him with you and your significant other/spouse/partner sitting on either side of/next to him.
    If he’s got nothing to fear invite this DR over to City Hall for lunch or dinner, with just you family
    and few friends….just let him sit at the end of the table, ok?! Ill give his some leadway here…
    just a little… and why would a 2 star (Marine Corps?) General become tongue-tied and look like “a deer in the headlights” when asked during a congressional hearing this morning, when asked a “hypo-thetical” question as to what would happen or what actions/procedures would take place if one of his soldiers or officers under his command in Liberia (?) suspected or became apprehensive about being exposed or the possibility of being exposed to ebola from someone from the host country or host population? what was his answer, you ask? he didn’t have one! he wasn’t sure what to say at first, and had to either defer, ask or clear (?!) his answer with one of the two-”very burly,steely-eyed, Ivy-league looking -and equally deliberate yet calculating looking “advisers” sitting behind this general, and them watching and listening to all the congress members in front of them, the demeanor and countenence was unmistakable in their anxoius looks, if you watched and saw this hearing…these two men must have so position or influence as they left with the general at the end of the hearing….
    when this general deferred and got his “advise” and/or “clearance” to answer, it happened so quick as to diffuse or marginalize/minimize its meaning or connotation…more to come…
    from: david t. krall

  11. david t. krall says:

    from: david t.krall

    just wanted to let you and anybody/everybody know that the c-span house/rep hearings on ebola
    is being repeated right now…opening statements are taking place…I’ll be looking for intell
    and DOD agents here, not just the two I “suspected” were sitting behind the two-star general…
    watch for the patronizing response as to why Mr- no show -Klain was chosen as “ebola czar”
    AND the “episode” I mentioned as described regarding the Q&A with the 2 star general
    and his “turn-around” -advise for an answer and/or clearance for an answer from “someone”
    sitting behind him…amazing.
    regards for now…
    from: david t. krall

  12. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    some points to ponder…What I feel and “knew” is now coming close to fruition and reality, and it
    had been, was and is being “played” as sometimes and at first a “no”, then a “wait & see”, a “no” again, a “probing ‘maybe’ ” and now a “very likely yes”…all the while just waiting
    and watching events with calculation and fortitude like a world class or olympic level poker, bridge
    or chess player, for the right moment and best opportunity to “jump in”…the Presidential candidacy and soon to be annuoncement of Jeb Bush running for President…and the
    neo-cons rejoicing at their best hope of a legitimate instrument, Mr. Jeb Bush (possible Bush-3) at
    a possible WH “resoration” to OVERT power and legitimate/accepted control.

    That whole Ottawa “incident” has a million anomalies, oddities and holes/contradictions to drive a
    truck thru it…just a few to ponder: where was security at the entrance or at this entrance,
    of the Canadian Parliament/congress building, when the shooter, this crazed lone nut (not a lone wolf !) was known, and very apparently and obviously being chased, seen and heading towards, and then running towards and into that building entrance by police in tow by car right behind him?
    no one thought to call, warn, alert, notify of the impending attack by this man??? where is the
    film segment of HIM running, and shooting? we see his followers and chasers/pursuers running,
    and chasing and shooting at solid, stone, marble walls (!) but no real view of the the attacker. why not, especially when he entered…you know there are many/nunerous security cameras…you can see they are all over the place…the suspect in question, another “3-namer”, this one was living in a homeless shelter, had at one time a major drug addiction, HAS a long rap sheet and KNOWN criminal record involving use and selling/distribution of drugs, had his pass-port revoked, has some
    “issues”; was according to one person who had direct contact with him while in the same recent
    homeless shelter who claimed this “3-namer” told him, he (he 3-namer) wanted and wished to go (or accorrding to this man) “go BACK !!!) to Libya Are you ready for this? first, where did he get
    the money to survive, buy the gun or guns, want to obtain a passport and/or travel visa. One
    oddballl, a “MR Know-it-all” (probably some media ‘asset”) on a recent news show attempted to
    deflate/deflect and marginaiize/minimize this question posed by the host, who did not push this common-sense question, by stating “oh, he like others, would have and could have raised the money some how”…really, than what was the “could have” and the “how” to eat and travel???
    tell us how!!!
    at the very least we have some one, who was, and should have on and never taken off a “watch list” if he was,- WHY??? was he, at some point past or present some type of informant? was he ever in the Canadian Military, active or reserve? was he not “allowed to roam” or “herded” not like a lone wolf, but to reverse the saying a sheep in “wolf’s-clothing” on somebody’s “chessboard”??? a possible an agent-provocateur? see /look up a book called “The Glass House Tapes”, By Louis Tackwood & also see Operation Northwoods…
    What is the deal with his mother, who is some very hi-ranking official in the Canadian
    Government??? What is her position, rank and history in immigration, if this is a possible “cover”
    for an other occupation??? this “3-namer” regarding his original name, his real name, Michael
    Joseph Hall, where and what is the -HALL- linkage/tie/connection of this original name?
    Also, the photo of him holding that rifle…this looks soooo (!) fake… photo-shopped…
    even mainstream media outlets admit that the sources or sources and origin of this picture are
    of an unknown source…well then, who was the actual source of it’s being released and fed to
    media outlets? As that is something, the who and how, of its release, WOULD BE KNOWN.
    ok, you sitting down? when Mr. Hall, mr. 3-namer, recently attempted to obtain a passport
    and/or a travel visa at the Libyan Embassy, MR HALL WAS DECLINED AS HIS BEHAVIOR
    WAS VIEWED AND DEEMED SUSPICIOUS….sound like LHO and the Soviet and Cuban
    “episode” in Mexico City in 1963?, and does not the photo with the rifle remind you of the
    Feb. 1964 LIFE Magazine with Mr Oswald on the cover??? And one final thought, just basic
    curious and final question…not a judgement, just based on observation…what would and what
    was the Canadian Sergeant-In-Arms (a pun?) doing with a loaded gun and armed and apparently
    very alert and quick on his feet ( & really that was good !) but I have to wonder, are things
    really so raucous and the debates so lively “up north” in the Canadian Parliament that it is
    know, recognized and accepted that members of this government, including the Sergeant-in Arms,
    (“arms” !) are “packin’” and carry loaded weapons during sessions, debates and hearings???
    I have to applaud him for what he did,and also its not everyday, after a crises like that, one gets to walk around, after a real life-changing event like Dirty Harry, strutting and walking with his gun out…”casue” that’s exactly what he did.. I’m just wondering if anybody is also wondering, what if this guy (or someone similar in his position) could, for what ever reason, go “went over the edge”
    himself??? after the applause and fears settles back and down, I hope and wonder if anybody will ask and assuming it is not something known or common among Canadian Parliament Members,
    why was this guy “packin” to begin with??? just a few point to ponder….
    bye for now…
    from: david t. krall

  13. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    food and fuel for thought….the same technology that can scan in on actual streets being fought over by the Kurds and CIA/neo-con/Saudi ISIS can’t tell where and how a plane disappeared?
    also, weirdos and sick people get justifiably busted for viewing and tranferring kiddie porn
    (& what whacko would even use/abuse/harm kids and post such images to begin with?)
    but ISIS is allowed to post and “sell & recruit” – itself…????? I’ll bet if someone with a real strong
    computer background did some real , heavy duty investigative digging he or she would probably find the true source of ISIS’ internet “campaign” and I suspect part of this internet web “connection”/”REACH” is closer than most people think or realize…that same probe initiated and carried by a person with equal talents with some aero-dynamicf/light background could objectively expose also the fraudulent “legend” of Flight 370 “disappearing”..also, .was the “Ottawa Jumper a “northern dry run”???
    just food and fuel, for thought and clarity….
    bye for now.
    from: david t. krall

  14. david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    more fuel and food, for thought and perceptions:
    1) the latest round of tension between Israel and The OBama WH, I see are the comnents
    that just happened to make their way to news media outlets…obviously these were leaked by some
    neo-con assets within the Obama WH designed to “add gasoline” already to a current “fire” and
    for a past significant time-frame, tension and animosity and an attempt Isolote Obama even further and enhance “the voice” and choir of neo-con/hawkish sectors in governmental and very closely related intertwined/interdependent circles who are pressuring the President’s hand to turn-
    up the “call to arms” and ‘sound the bugle” in Iraq and Syria:
    2) which leads me to a report on CNN, that the President’s own Sec.Of Defense has had
    major differences with the President’s views and strategy, at least what we’ve been told (!) regarding just Syria & Iraq…an another “data leak” regarding a written memo by the Sec/Def
    “voicing” and confirming differences in national security strategy…”somebody” with “reach”
    is enabling the isolation (an “ISISOLATION” !) of this president to force and “tip his hand” to “go along” with the plan, the game plan in the middle east…an agenda longtime in the planning and very strongly resembling agendas and “goals set by very influential and hi-level corrupt corporate/intelligence/military/crime sectors .in regards to SE Asia and Vietnam, & Cuba in the 1950′s and 1960′s…we know of, and the ploys and tactics used as they are documented to manipulate, dupe and pressure IKE & JFK, and how IKE withstood those pressures and obliquely made reference to such pressures and their origin ON THE LAST DAY OF HIS WH TENURE and what happened to his successor, JFK, who was smart enough to see the manipulation and duping and how such tricks would make him a prisoner of these elements if he went along with, & caved into their tricks and pressures…in essence he did not want to and chose not to “jump on the war band wagon”, appointed his brother and his closest friends and best advisors, in essence he used his brains and literally had them blow away for knowing and wanting what was best for THE USA.
    & not for some powerful network with interwoven media assets, whom he was threatening on many fronts..the tension went both ways, starting with the Bay Of Pigs and his initial and continuing
    “faiiure” to dislodge and unseat Castro (& marxism from Cuba), with CIA /DOD using ISIS-like elements and devices, and his naming his very close brother as AG, a clear message not just to organized crime but to related but more overt “in-house” & influential elements in politics/gov. and corrupt sectors of the Bus. Community many whom just happened to be backers/associates of LBJ, RMN and later Reagan and The Bush network..IT IS NOT ANY DIFFERENT IN 2014!!! Such reports,and intended leaks about the Hagel memo even prompted reports from other WH aides that the president’s national security team is together and unified…if that were the case, what would compel & what would be be the need to confirm such a supposed “fact” ??? JEB OR HILLARY, both, with deliberate intention with have a full plate in front of them, upon their inauguration and in essence, especially Hillary, will have her own agenda co-opted and captivated by events and agendas set by “others” & let’s not forget a major piece of this puzzle, Vice President Joe Biden, a very astute and smart politician who can sense “whats in the wind”, it’s origin, direction and “level of gust of this “wind” & “reach”…reader, connect the dots here !!!…
    3) I noticed and watched for a few minutes the memorial mass of Ben Bradlee, the former
    and longtime managing editor of the Washington Post, who,at one time considered to be close
    and chummy with JFK and even wrote a book back in to 1970′s called, “Conversations With Kennedy”…so close he never wanted to be bothered with or cared out who killed JFK !!!
    But he and his wife knew and were very, very close to Mary Meyer, a “friend” of JFK who was killed in 1964 in Georgetown and was considered (like Gary Underhill) in a panic about what she knew about JFK’s death and her views on his murder…Guess who broke into her house later and stole her diary? James Angleton, and this never caused, that we know of, even a raised eye-brow by a supposed inquiring newspaper guy that knew of this break-in…BEN BRADLEE…now that’s some friend… think about that !!!

    bye for now…
    from: david t. krall

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