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Seems like the Birther movement has not died off and Sheriff Joe Arapios Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo is about to release information in March that he claims is “Universe Shattering”.  The issue stems from President Obama’s Birth Certificate that many claimed is fraudulent. Mike Zullo says in an interview with WND ( that “the case has taken a startling turn, and sheriff’s investigators now are assisting the Cold Case volunteers”. The internet has been a buzzed with conspiracy theories lately since the death of Loretta Fuddy in an Airplane crash on Wednesday while heading to Honolulu. Hawaii had a ban on releasing long-form birth certificate, but Loretta Fuddy waived a long-claimed ban on reproducing long-form birth certificates. Under Loretta Fuddy instructions copies of President Obama birth certificate were delivered to Judith Corley who is a private attorney for Obama. The President then released his birth certificate claiming he was a natural born citizen. The Cold Case Posse claims that it is fraudulent. The issue seems to be gaining more steam when Douglas Vogt, an author and the owner and operator of a scanning business and veteran typesetter Paul Ivey found 20 points of Forgery on the document. Vogt claims that they have “identified the ‘signature’ of the perpetrator, or the woman who created the forged document, hidden within the document itself. All of this information is in an affidavit filed and sealed in a court case against the president. The issue with Barack Obamas birth certificate has not died off and the question remains why? Why keep the issue going, unless of course, there is something more sinister involved that the American public is unaware of. We will not now the answers until March and if there is something earth shattering then it will be up to the American people to do something about it or just ignore it like the main stream media does. Just don’t say you were never told. Judge for yourselves and make your own decision on this matter with the information you are provided.





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  1. Why wait until March if there is proof? He needs to be stopped now before he does more damage.

    • joecruzmn says:

      I agree that is why I was confused with the news article. If you have something just release it and dont beat around the bush. It is frustrating to read something like that and watch it fizzle. If you have it release it. Thank you Barb for visiting today. I really appreciate it :)

      • I’ve enjoyed my visit. We think alike and it is getting ore difficult to find those who think as we do. When I hear that someone has proof of something, but wants to wait until a future date to release it, I am suspicious. I would think he would be afraid someone would put a hit on him. By releasing the proof immediately to the press, his life would not be in peril.

      • joecruzmn says:

        Barb we do think alike. I admire your honesty and yes of course I do agree with you when they say they have something why not release it now. True their life could be in peril and you never know what could happen to whatever evidence they have. I tell you what as long as there is someone like you around then I can rest assured the everything you and I write about is never in vain.

      • Just knowing you aren’t alone in the way you perceive what is happening on the political scene means a lot. There just seems to be more coming out in the last few days, also.

  2. Fuzz T. Was says:

    Then there are the experts. Mara Zebest, a recognized expert, who was a contributing author and technical editor to over 100 books on Adobe and Microsoft software, says the birth certificate is a forgery. She has written an extensive report documenting her findings and conclusions. It is viewable and printable from the web.

    Typographer Paul Irey, a pioneer and expert in the field of photo-typography with 50 years experience, stated the typefaces used in Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate prove it’s a forgery.

    Web expert Karl Denninger, who has built and run Internet and networking companies, stated the typeface on Obama’s LFBC revealed evidence of kerning. Kerning did not exist in 1961 and he concludes the document is a forgery.

    In sworn affidavits, Douglas Vogt stated he is an expert in scanning equipment and typesetting. He is the owner of Archive Index Systems, which sells scanners, copiers and document imaging systems. Prior to that, he owned and operated a typesetting company. He has also worked as a certified public accountant. Vogt has published books on science and history.

    Vogt maintains the fraudulent birth certificates (long and short-form) were made by the Hawaii Department of Health in cooperation with some employees, including the Director, Loretta Fuddy.

    (His affidavit can be viewed on the Internet.)

    Reed Hayes, is a court certified hand writing analyst and forensic document examiner with over 20 years of experience providing document expertise to legal, law enforcement, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals requiring this service. Hayes stated:

    “…based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources.”

    “In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.”

    Note: Reed Hayes has worked frequently for Perkins Coie, the law firm that has defended President Obama in the various birth certificate court challenges over the past five years. Mr. Hayes is a Democrat whose business is based in Hawaii. His Curriculum Vitae is 9 pages and available online for review.

    A website created by a former science adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Hanukoglu, Ph.D.

    Israel Science and Technology, the national database for science and technology-related websites in Israel, published an article asserting the long-form birth certificate released by the White House in 2011 is a forged document. The site is the premier science and technology outlet in Israel.

    • joecruzmn says:

      Can you direct me and provide me with some of the info to these websites. Thank you for commenting

    • smrstrauss says:

      Paul Irey has claimed that Obama did not attend Columbia College even after Columbia University said that Obama did attend and did graduate (that is not exactly showing someone who is fair and impartial). Doug Vogt has claimed to have “found the original Altar of Abraham” (but never showed it, I wonder why not???) Those are two of the birther “experts.”

      Only birther “experts” have called Obama’s birth certificate forged, and they have not shown that they are even experts, much less fair and impartial. Those are two reasons why they are not believed by Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck or the National Review (or by Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or Gingrich or Santorum or Huckabee).

      One proof that Obama’s birth certificate is not forged is Obama’s short-form birth certificate.

      Short-form birth certificates are created by a clerk reading the information from the document in the file, and filling out the computer form that generates the printed short-form birth certificate. The officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they sent a short-form to Obama. So, unless they are lying—and they were Republican officials–the only way that Obama’s birth certificate could have been forged was that it was forged in 2007 and slipped into the file just before the clerk looked at the file. That is not very likely, is it? And it is especially unlikely since at the time Obama was not even the candidate of the Democrats. He was still in the primaries at the time, and he was only a junior senator from Illinois.

      And birther sites have not shown you these real experts.

      Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said:“The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”

      Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into it and dismissed it.… I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

      John Woodman, independent computer professional, who is a member of the Tea Party (who says that he hates Obama’s policies but found no evidence of forgery) said repeatedly in his book and in various articles on his Web site that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate was forged were unfounded.

      Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily:“All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.” And, by the way, when WND received Zatkovich’s article that said that he found nothing wrong with Obama’s birth certificate, WordNDaily simply did not publish it.

      Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and teaching Adobe Illustrator, said the layers cited by doubters are evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not evidence of a forgery.“I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks exactly like this,” he said.

      Birthers’ claim that Obama’s birth certificate is false is well understood to be caused by their own motives—they hate Obama and would like to harm him.

      And it is irrational (to say the very least) to think that Obama’s relatives had enough money (Obama’s grandfather was just a furniture salesman and his grandmother a low-level employee in a bank at the time; and his father came to Hawaii on a free flight) or crazy enough to spend LOTS of money on a long and expensive and risky (incidents of stillbirths were high at the time) overseas trip for their pregnant daughter—–when there were perfectly good hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii.

      Also, the government of Kenya has said that it investigated the “born in Kenya” claim, and that it did not happen.

      And there is the evidence of the Xerox WorkCentre, which birthers do not discuss:

      The reaction of rational conservatives to Sheriff Joe, Zullo, and the Cold Case Posse is shown by what the National Review has said:

      • joecruzmn says:

        Thank you for replying and providing the info to back your claim. I do have some issues with some things about all these issues. Do you have any other info on this subject. Thank you very much

  3. smrstrauss says:

    For Obama to have been born in a foreign country:

    (1) Obama’s relatives would have had to have been rich enough (and they weren’t. In 1961 Obama’s grandfather was a furniture salesman, and his grandmother was a low-level employee in a bank [she did not become a vice president until 1970], and his father went from Kenya to Hawaii on a free flight) and dumb enough to send their daughter at high risk of stillbirth to a foreign country to give birth—-—despite there being fine hospitals in Hawaii;

    (2) Obama’s mother would have had to have traveled overseas ALONE (since WND has proven with a FOI Act request that Obama senior stayed in Hawaii throughout 1961) and somehow got Obama back to the USA without getting him entered on her US passport or getting a visa for him (which would have had to have been applied for in a US consulate in that country and the records would still exist);

    (3) got the officials in Hawaii to record his birth in Hawaii despite (as birthers claim) his being born in another country and somehow got the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley to lie (and since the woman’s father’s name really was Stanley, she would have had to have found one of the very few women with fathers of that name to do it).

    If you sincerely believe that Obama could have been born in a foreign country, then you could answer all three points. For Obama to have been born in a foreign country, all three would have had to have happened.

    So, the question is, what are the chances that all three happened?

    (OH, and BTW, there isn’t even evidence that Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961—and very very few 18-year-olds did, and EXTREMELY few women traveled abroad in the last few months of pregnancy in 1961 because of the risk of stillbirths. Yet birther hope that GULLIBLE people will assume that Obama’s mother was one of the very very few 18-year-olds to have a passport and one of the EXTREMELY few women who traveled abroad late in pregnancy, and that the birth certificate is forged and that the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii who have repeatedly stated that they sent it to him and that all the facts on it are correct (and the Index Data and the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii) are all lying.)

    Perhaps there are a few gullible people who will believe them, but very few.

    • smrstrauss says:

      (1) Birthers have said that Obama’s draft card was forged, and indeed it was forged, but Obama did not post his draft card, nor did any representative of Obama—so who do you think forged it?

      (2) Birthers have said that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia—but a telephone call to the Indonesian Embassy shows that he was never an Indonesian citizen. Why do you suppose that the birthers did not call the Indonesian embassy to check?

      (3) Birthers said that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—but the transcript of the call shows that she said the he was BORN IN HAWAII—why do you suppose they did not quote her accurately and in fact cut off the tape recording of the call on their sites just before she said “born in Hawaii, where his father was studying at the time.” Why do you suppose they did that?

      (4) Birther sites did not tell their readers that the Kenyan government said that Obama was not born there. Why do you suppose they did not tell their readers that?

      (5) Birther sites did not even tell their readers that there is no evidence that Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961—or how very few 18-year-olds did in those days, or how EXTREMELY few women traveled abroad late in pregnancy in those days because of the high risk of stillbirth. Why do you suppose they did not do that?

      (6) Birther sites posted videos of Obama that claimed to show that he said “I was born in Kenya”—but you cannot see his mouth move and the originals of those videos have been found, and they do not say “I was born in Kenya..”” Why do you suppose that they did that? Ditto, by the way, for three forged “Kenyan birth certificates.”

      • joecruzmn says:

        Thank you for replying and providing me with info. I would like to do a piece on the the argument about the birth certificate between both sides. Your information has been very valuable on these post

  4. smrstrauss says:


    There are about six days left in March, and no sign of a planned press conference coming soon, much less “earthquake shattering” revelations.

    Moreover, things are starting to look worse and worse for Sheriff Joe, Zullo, and the Cold Case Posse:

  5. smrstrauss says:

    March has passed, and no “revelation” of any kind—much less a “shattering” revelation—from Sheriff Joe.

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